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The Black-Haired Girl Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (08/06/2016)

Well, sorry for not interesting title here. For the title, since admin Tay was recommended us to buy Fata Morgana 6 times while in Fata Morgana we had white haired girl, so why not make black haired girl as the title here since we had the black haired girl as image header. For VN release (Hunk Factory), let's just said that it's not my interest to said it lightly. Oh, and for the VN in image header, it's quite unpopular there if we looking at VNDB.

This week there's not much update to write here, and Sekai was apparently had some shakeup in the company. JAST was still usual business for them (No update), and there's no update from Mangagamer (Maybe they preparing for Otakon) instead they hold summer sales there, which to be honest not quite interested but if you want to buy Mangagamer VN at cheaper price, go ahead. And since we didn't had many update, instead of section I'll just made some roundup for each paragraph here.

Sekai, while they facing some shakeup they're still give some usual update here. Both of Tenshin Rahman and Maitetsu progress here was had significant progress (19.27% translated for Maitetsu and 33.78% for Tenshin Rahman), while Chrono Clock progress here was as fast as snail ie slow (26.84% translated). I Miss Her was had 0.2% translation progress bringing it to 7.22% translated. And for last news here Princess Knight will be released at August 30th according to Steam store here. Other than small updates, there's not much here.

For fan translation progress, first of all let me said that Kanobito translation will be joined with Luna Translation here (By the way, finally Kanobito had editor there). Speaking about Luna Translation, this week they gave some juicy update here (Majokoi 30% translated, while for Witch Garden we had 66% translation progress (Eclair route was fully translated) and 10% TLC). Bishoujo Mangekyou, we had 33.9% editing progress and QC at 20.1%. For Tsui Yuri, there's some update in editing (63% edited) but looks like there will be some obstacle in translating here. Other than that, not much to talk here, although if I may nitpicking here Hanasaki progress was not 43% translated for Hikari's route, but 48% (I knew it's quite hard to see the exact number though).

For closing words here right now I also played Supipara, which since this is minori it mean that there's usual scenery porn from them, and there's some nice sakura effect there (Although it slowed down the text though, or maybe my laptop was too old here). By the way, for first word here the MC was had some kind of amnesia and so does his mother (Which quite young despite being around 36 or 37). I'll write my little review about this later.

Sorry for short entry this week here, and see you next week.

PS - Maybe next week I'll also write about Otakon announcement here.

Edit - Right now for Hanasaki we had more than half (51%) Hikari route translated.


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