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Kimi to Yumemishi




Ok... this is by a new company by the name of Laplacian, and as a result, I didn't really have much in the way of expectations for it.  As a result, I wasn't disappointed... but they didn't manage to surprise me either, sadly.  This VN's protagonist has the ability to enter people's dreams when they dream about him and uses a perfume he designed himself to make people remember and dream about him when they go to sleep.

This VN, when it comes down to it, is a straight-out moege.  The low-level character development, the obvious targeting of moe-points, and the general shallowness of the conflicts, drama, etc. are all fairly standard for the ancient 'pure' moege genre.   The common route of this VN is basically sort-of ecchi dream scenes with slice-of-life inserted between.  I'll be straight with you when I say that there really isn't much content at all to this game, at least in part because the makers apparently couldn't decide if they wanted this to be a straight-out moege or a nukige.

There isn't enough H in this game to call it a nukige, but the level of characterization is about the same as your average nukige, sadly.  What reinforces this is that the visuals are about at the same level as a mid-high level doujin circle's work (in other words, it lacks the polish of commercial moege but looks too good for most doujin games), and the rather sloppy nature of some of the technical aspects.  In particular, the scene transitioning is done poorly, with the music switching off abruptly between scenes rather than merely shifting to a new track...  In addition, the system sound is ear-piercing and omnipresent if you highlight anything with your mouse... and you can't turn it off without eliminating all sound effects (even if you turn it down to the lowest level, it is still painful to the ears). 

It is rare for me to rate a VN on technical and visual aspects, but the fact is that the game's other content just isn't good enough to cover for the problems with the technical and visual aspects.  The story could have been touching, save that the routes are generally bare-bones affairs and character development is minimal. 

In conclusion, this VN is an abortion... don't bother playing it.



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The technical issues are probably(99% sure) due to them using unity, why did they use it in the first place? Beats me but they clearly don't know how it works.
While reading this vn I suffered constant mini hang ups on the screen transitions (it probably behaves differently depending on the pc itself but this shows that they tested the game only in a few pcs) and some times it crashes on the start or freezes for a few seconds, also some sprites characters at times they were wrong... I don't know how to explain it but when they changed position it looked weird..
The sound in general is also a problem with the engine itself, like when you start the game the volume setting is set at 10000000000% lol

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10 hours ago, Kiriririri said:

B-B-But Shigure Dictionary D:

Shigure is funny... but her character is ridiculously weak, lol.  Ero-genki only goes so far...

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