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About this blog

Hello, I'm Hata and this is my blog where I talk about mostly visual novels and eroge that I play. There will also be a lot of meta commentary on the industry/scene and people in it (not gambs) and I'm basically going to write something every other day (no guarantees) - take it as a diary of sorts. The reason why this blog blatantly steals the "Disearnestly Disearnest" moniker that @Zakamuttonce used is unknown. I just thought it fits because I'm living a life full of distraction and whenever I can actually sit down to write something coherent that is more than a couple discord messages I can switch into focused mode and enjoy to have my fingers tapping away. 

I play pretty much everything should I finally get to it and eventually manage to click the "launch" button, so don't expect me to be picky. 

Entries in this blog

How a simple feature in Invision takes a Konami-code like method to uncover

Dear diary, Today was another super exciting day full of even more exciting events. This morning we handed in one of the first translation projects for our newly founded German translation company "Mimir Translations". I look forward to the QC run that's going to follow once the new build is returned. This marks the first actual time we earned recognition and money while operating as a three-pronged company. Once the website is live, more details will follow.  We also made some new plans


HataVNI in Diary entries

Wordpress, my beloved.

It is not easy to be a blogger, especially not when you start working for multiple blogs at once, try to raise translation company with your best friends and do a lot of management stuff on your own. Thankfully, Zaka is a super helpful person who even shocked me today by throwing a script that was almost ready-to-publish right in my face. I remember that back in the day I loved checking out the fuwanovel VNTS post and it deeply saddened me when it suddenly ended somewhere around the time where E


HataVNI in Diary entries

Life at 1000 discord friends

Dear Diary, It is not surprising that after the 5 years I'm already in this scene (it is probably more, because just 5 years ago the whole VN.Info thing took off and I oddly played some VNs earlier too) I met many people in this scene who came and went. After living for 3-4 years as a total meme, but totally unobstructed by whatever stood in my way to essentially shape VN.Info into what it is now, I had a big public fight with some people that left some psychological damage and required some
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