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A Month has passed and a lot of things have happened



Hello, Fuwanovellers who read my blog. 

So it has been a whole month since we started the Fuwanovel revival as intensively as we do it right now and so many amazing, but also some frustrating things happened. The peak of frustration obviously is the occasional interference by third parties (mostly the Gambs-adjacent circle) into our affairs who for some reason presume we are either deceitful or harmful to the community as a whole due to taking some things out of context - as usual. They also seem to have some obsession with the algorithm of Twitter. Whatever, I know what I'm doing and what intentions lie beneath what I do. Those people involved in the process or who know me longer than 5 minutes also do. Even if we consider all things and assume malice in everything I do, people cannot deny that I'm putting a lot of time, effort and typing time into getting everything in line. 

Anyways, whatever happened yesterday and also happens with the gambsbot and gambs_v_cumtannia accounts is nothing more than a tempest in a teapot. While the hata last year would have been shaking and quaking right now, the 2022-freshly recovered one is calm and collected.

Now let's get to the positives. Fuwanovel has managed to bring a lot of cool people on board including old veteran posters, many new ones and also content creators. In this first month there was basically almost no moderation necessary as well, since there are not that many frequent posters yet and thus the amount of cognitively dissonant posters is also low. This might change in the future, but we'll see what the next steps will be afterwards. 

In real life we are currently pursuing talks about a Logo for Mimir Translations, and we're soon ready to launch the website as a whole. The German industry will finally have a dedicated VN translation group and not just individuals who do developers a favor. Obviously, this is a business and we have the necessary professionality in place. Additionally, we would need to build another social media account - leading to me running 4 of them + my own!

I'm super glad about the friends that we could make/bring together through Fuwanovel and how I could diminish a large amount of my friendlist for more relevant people. I have 1000 friends as you may have seen in an earlier post, but this does not mean that every single of these account is either VN-related nor that we are still talking frequently. I simply find it tiring to clean up, especially because once you remove a single person the discord window closes for a sec and you have to scroll down again - boring and repetitive tasks are nothing for me.

The Fuwanovel discord has quickly developed into a place that I cherish as much as VN.Info's Hub. Maybe even more because so far the amount of politics and history talks that were so aggressively prevelant in VN.Info Hub's #general chat, are really low. This is not a signal to start up those talks again, however!

Lastly, I'm glad for the partnerships we have been able to quickly forge and the secret cabal discord chats were we plan pouring over the entire visual novel scene with peace and harmony. While meta talks about "wokism" are in vogue in multiple places of the community right now (1/2) we will just talk about VNs instead. Seems to be a better deal for everyone.

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Canceling attempts were going on. If you like you can watch 34 minutes of explanation about the false snake I mention in this blogpost here.


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