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Beato's art thread.


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I don't normally post content online but since Tay asked so nicely I figured I might as well post something.

This is pretty much the only drawings I have preserved digitally as I have only began to use my tablet recently. Hope I'll get som drawings scanned in so I can colour them later.


This is a stylized self-portrait. Its also the first picture I drew on my tablet in years.


One of my own characters.


A wallpaper I drew up yesterday and finished today. Since I can't draw decent backgrounds I used a stock photo.

I linked it as it wont fit inside the post.

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Yeah, I have no clue how the suggestion system works. Well at least its not pregnant furries like another artist got as suggestions for her tiger paintings.

Oh dear...

This one was pretty fun. Is this the sort of thing you doodle, and your other images more "planned" projects?

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I usually have some sort of idea about what I'm going to draw (like "I'm going to make a wallpaper" or "let's scan in and color this") but sometimes I just feel like doodling something, quickly fill in the lines and call it a day. In this case I ended up liking the picture quite a bit so I figured I might as well pretty it up a bit and upload it :)

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