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Question about muv-luv unlimited ? *Spoiler*


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Hi! i finished Muv-Luv extra a while ago (had to spend time finishing all the routes) and i started muv-luv unlimited earlier today and i am somewhat far in 

I am at the part where they were about to do the mock battle but cancelled due to inspection from the chief


But my main question is does Takeru get home? i don't want any plot details just a simple yes or no would be ok :) i usually don't like spoilers but it's bugging me because i would of loved a follow on to the routes :') would of been nice and so far when looking at the other game's it only lists being after unlimited :S thanks in advance ^.^

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Knowing that answer will spoil everything in Alternative for you. It's not a simple yes/no answer anyway. If I asked you what color the sky is, I'd be dumbfounded if you answered yes or no. 

Yea your right haha :) how long is alternative? approximately? :)

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