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I'm looking for some VN's similar to "Grisaia no Kaijitsu" or "G-Senjou no Maou". I just recently went back to finish Grisaia so I'm trying to find another good vn to read after I've completed all of the other routes. I'd like to find something that has somewhat similar drama to those too.

Thanks for any help

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I support krill's opinion, i read first sharin no kuni and after that g-senjou. Both are different and similar in a way. In my opinion G-senjou is more intense? anyway sharin no kuni is great too. You cant get wrong here. If you like sci-fi plots maybe the muv-luv series can suits you, but if you really want to enjoy it you must read muv-luv extra/unlimited and extra could be... a litle boring xD but worth it.

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