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  1. I hope you are doing okay.

  2. I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Soradragoon


      I'll be fully operative in a week or so. Krill, Funia and everyone I hope to meet you soon!!!!

  3. To much work.... I miss this place.

  4. side scrolling brawlers

    You must try Odin sphere for ps2, a beautiful game with beat em up gameplay. Muramasa for the wii is awesome too, beautifull graphics draw on hand and with beat em up gameplay too. Or you may try Dragoon crown for PS3, it reminds to the clasic Dungeons & Dragons: Shadows over Mystara. but updated and with beautiful 2d graphics. (All this games are 2d... hehehe vanillaware rulez xD).
  5. Need some help with a Signature

    Master of signatures deserve it!! Maybe i'll ask for one myself one day.
  6. Wanna come? there plenty of rooms in this ship... xD (Your avatar is cool too )
  7. Retro rpgs: old jrpgs that have aged well

    Very nice list. With your permission Clephas here are some suggestions of the era PS2 / GC / XBOX. Dragon Quest the journey of the cursed king: A very rewarding game, turn based and hard!! xD Baten Kaitos: A very "unique game", card system combat very fun to play. Valkyrie profile silmeria/lenneth: Just play it, i love those games. Tales of symphonia: wath to say here? a master piece. Dark chronicle: the sequel of dark cloud. This game is "UNIQUE", a great system for weapons devolpment. Star Ocean till the end of time: a wonderfull game with a lots of endings. Wild arms 3: Bad graphics but... magic and western? awesome I'll add some more later, i'll be thinking in add a few action rpgs but not sure if that's what you want so i dont do it. Again a very cool list... nice times those... xD
  8. Need some help with a Signature

    Ask Mr. Meogii i'm sure he can help u.
  9. Hi

    Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay and have fun!! and no worry you'll become a VN addict in no time xD
  10. How many times am I gonna see you in my dreams. You're a memory now, one I pray never fades.

  11. Hoy

    Welcome to the forums, enjoy you stay and have fun!
  12. Greetings from Through The Looking-Glass

    Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay and have fun!! and please read G senjou no maou xD