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Unpacking Adobe Air .dat Files

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As the title says, are there any known tools for extracting scripts from games made in Adobe Air? For reference, I'm trying to access the script of Trick or Alice (vndb: https://vndb.org/v8820) and it all seems to be packed into one huge "package.dat" that's over 2 million kbs. Most resources I've found about Adobe Air seem to not be applicable for patch making purposes and I haven't made much progress as of yet.

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I expect to be a custom file format, if the game is written with AIR, means it uses Action Script 3, therefore SWF, and they are pretty decompilable even when obfuscated, and that's good for us.
The game should have some .air file probabbly, or at least you should find a .swf file somewhere, if you find the .air file try open as a zip and look for it.
After that you can use a tool called JPEXS to deobfuscate and analyze the code, and you will probabbly find some code that handle the .dat file, allowing you inject custom file or extract it.

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@marcus-beta There is a .swf file, I actually had gone through it with JPEXS before but sadly most, beyond the general gist of it, goes over my head;; I'm not quite sure if I know how to use the information within it to access the .dat without further guidance from somebody, which I know would be a bold ask. Would this be something I could feasibly search and find resources on how to do or would it simply require more advanced coding knowledge?

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