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Extracting Ps2 Game Help


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Hello! I am new here, but I saw a few similar topics while searching for help and decided to join (being a fan of visual novels yay~), anyway, I need some help. I am trying to extract the files, specifically the cgs, from Princess Nightmare for ps2. 


The files are in .bin format, and in the data directory. Data.bin, se.bin, data0.bin...there are also .tag files(data.tag) that are significantly smaller and probably don't have what I am looking for... 


Does anyone know a tool or quickbms script to extract from this Karin Entertainment game?



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Hello @Maddy
Here are a couple of scripts to pull data out of DATA.BIN.
I have no idea how DATA0.BIN is referenced.
1. Download and extract this archive on your PC: princess_nightmare_quickbms_scripts-2013-12-07.zip
2. Download QuickBMS.zip from http://aluigi.altervista.org/quickbms.htm and extract it to the same folder.
3. Open a Command Prompt and cd to the extract dir
4. Enter the following command (replace H: with the letter of your DVD-ROM drive):

quickbms.exe _princess_nightmare_extract_tag.bms H:\DATA\DATA.TAG


  • Script files are *.AS which is plain text
  • *.PRS are compressed data, typically expanding into either *.TM2 (TIM2 playstation image) or *.TEX (collection of TIM2 images).
    You may extract a .PRS file using the second bundled bms script e.g.
    quickbms.exe _princess_nightmare_prs_unpacking.bms CHR041.PRS
    I haven't tried to differentiate output here (out of laziness), you will obtain "CHR041.PRS.unpacked" which should actually be renamed as "CHR041.TM2"
  • Use the _convert_tm2.cmd batchfile to convert .TM2 files into pngs. It relies on the official GimConv tool for this and you may repack the other way with this same tool and an adequate set of commandline switches.

Have fun!

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