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  • Search for your novel on vndb.org
  • What did you like about the novel? Click on the tag that most represents what you liked about it. That will search for that tag on vndb.org Example: https://vndb.org/g1986
  • The Score on the left of each entry is how frequently the tag you searched for appears in that title. The Rating on the right is what other people thought about the title.
  • Add extra options to narrow the search, like Language: English, Platform: Windows, Linux, MacOSX, and any child tags.
  • Go through each entry listed in your search and refine your search settings until you find something you like.
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Well there's a step to search VNDB atop, although I may as well give the exact VN recommendations here. For my recommendation, since it seems you like GL VN, then my recommendations would be Yurirei, Usonatsu, Seabed, and Amrilato. Also in case Japanese VNs are not your taste, then I can recommend some OELVN GL VNs such as Highway Blossom, Please Be Happy, Heart of the Woods, and A Summer End - Hong Kong, 1986. I don't know if you're already read those VNs or not, but I hope my recommendations will be helpful to you.

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