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Vtuber section Guidelines


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*under construction* :yuzusad:


           Where to post?

   If you have general discussion about assets/programs/services but not providing them post them in the main Vtuber Programs & Assets

   For assets , be it accessories or ui or anything related to art that is avaible for download or purchase post it in the Assets section.

   If you are providing services to make custom assets or models like comissions etc. Post them in the  Services section.

   General programs or plugins to help with streaming or making models etc goes in the Programs & Plugins



artistbanners.png.bd920f2bbba1de59082b39 uiux.png.c050c2e02a23fb8b680845d090ec241

As of now we have Roles for Artist , Rigger, UI / UX

*If there other role suggestions just give them to me and i can add it. 

with these you can self moderate own content and lock your own threads, incase you dont want replies etc.

Send me a DM if interested      :     Emi profile


*tags will come soon*

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