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Kami no Rhapsody walkthrough, tips and more


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This is a mix FAQ that is only for information purposes is someone need addition info or just miss something so it has an informal format with me saying my suggestions, however, this doesn't mean it is 100% only way to play or some stuff I wrote might even be inaccurate (as I did it on my own + Japanese wiki). And as a warning: I do have communication issues, that why I prefer to write long and many details. Many grammar errors to be expected as well (seriously, this is only for guide purpose, not an essay).
Thinking of playing the game
Starting the game
Beginning of the game tips.
->Available characters (important to get as soon as possible)
Mid-late game
End game (non-story spoilers)
NG+ (non-story spoilers)
For 100% + link to Japanese web with all the info
Thinking of playing the game
I start right off with these 2 FAQ:
Q: Is this game like Kamidori? 
A: No. Is very similar to Kamidori because it is the same developer (Eushully) but it is not the same.
Extra: Don't compare the games as you play (including writing online how disappointed you are). This game is not Kamidori and move on so you can enjoy the game as it is a good one. (Special extra: if you don't know Kamidori, make sure to play it after this game, but not before however).
Q: Is this a music game (Rhapsody)?
A: No.
Extra: the main protagonist and others do have special weapons that can be used as a music instrument, there are scenes with them using the instruments (visual novel part) now and then, but that's it. There is no music-based gameplay or ambition to become musicians. The only music-related element in battle, are passive skills that increase accuracy and damage (Tip: don't neglect them, you become extremely powerful if, even a pure support unit, has the x4 damage increase to allies and is present in battle).
Starting the game
Q: How do I run the game?
A: To run the game you need to set your PC's location settings to Japanese and install Japanese language code. A more simple solution: instal "Local Emulator" (yep, that's the name of the program), and start the game using use this emulator by simple right-click "AGE Patch.exe" -> "local emulator" as a new option and start as "Run in Japane (Admin)"
Q: Do I have an old version of the game?
A: The translation patch makes the game say version 1.00.0000 but its actually the 1.01 of the Japanise version (meaning you have the up to date one)
Beginning of the game tips.
Before continuing to read please finish the beginning of the game (so all test missions + Tutorial) to have a general idea of the game.
Mana bar - there is only one for everything: magic, skills, summon units, etc. So it is not advised at all to use high costing mana skills and multiple magic.
1st run - game is easy in the beginning but halfways gets harder and harder. Second Play onwards: You are god mode {you need to screw up really bad or fight DLC NG+ maps to lose} so it is a good idea to decide if you wish to play the games as a challenge or not (aka using or not Loser's Maze)
Do 100% early maps, so all quest, including Free battles to have a good start. Once you are set (battles are easy) stop doing any of the free maps (as 1st time clear is the only way to earn runes, aka stats, and only characters you HAVE will receive them. More about runes in the end part of this section)
Difficulty - I have not seen them affecting stories or anything other than what they say they do (increase/decrease enemy stats, dis/enable save and undo function) so set them however you wish with not worrys. Do suggest to have the option for save and undo on as it really annoying to make silly mistakes or wanting to test stuff (saving the moment) and need to redo everything (like having 30 mana for the ultimate skills for CG registrations for almost all units) 
Q: Regarding Loser's Maze, what happens?
A: If you open the door you get a nasty title but you will have access to easy to win stages, with many good skills and after completing you get a special passive type skill that gives stat boost + 1 movement for 0 costs for attaching. 
Q: If I use the Maze, will it affect the story + can I get rid of the title?
A: Maze has nothing to do with the story, so no, it won't affect the story regardless if you use the maze or not. Yes, you can get rid of the title, but only end chapter, just clear 100% and it is gone. {end game reward info}: It is worth to play it before finishing the game for the extra copies of the best general skills and extra runes even if you don't plane of using the loser's rings to cheat. Fully exploring the Maze is necessary for 100% list info btw.
Avoid the Shops much as you can. You will have a limited amount of skills you can earn per run, and the ones that are worth buying will cost a lot, so save the unless absolutely necessary to advance in the story. You will get everything multiple times as you clear up all areas (like the keys). 
Extra info {general rules, including end game skills}: Again, don't buy anything from day shop as you will have more copies that you will use (even if they look really good, you will have soon many). Night shop is discussable, It will depend on your playstyle so some might be worth it, I would still buy max 1 and since new maps usually give them anyways. EG: sky or water adaptation at the beginning is handy (but not more than 1 as you will have tons later, don't even bother with the others types). HP absorbed is not worth, it cost a lot, and the damage you do is too little to make it worth, there will be a stronger version late chapter, that one is worth. State increases - not worth it.
Obvious but: always attack from the back as you deal extra 50% damage and sometimes (usually if your OP) will bypass the evasion that would protect the enemy if attacked from the front.
Q: How do I bypass Evation?
A: Attack from behind, have higher accuracy than the enemy has evasion, attack once to deplete its evasion value and then you can give normal damage (unless the enemy unit has a skill to regain evasion)
Q: Good strategy to play the game for 100% purpose?
A: You have 100 Save slots, so save save save. So many times you might end up advancing the chapter and missing out on events or boss who's CG skill you missed. You only need to load the save file, do what's missing, and its registered, no need to replay the game again. Either get a 100% save file online or be prepered to speed run as you need to finish the game 5 times for 100% CG (a Speed run - so nothing extra aka bad or normal endings only, will take you around 2-3 hours)
Q: Can you give an example of how to play for 100%?
A: Missable events: Before advancing the story, in order to NOT miss anything: See/read all events in town, leave and enter a free (or cleared) map and straight away withdraw from the map and go back to town. Do this until absolutely no events show up, then do a story dungeon to advance. So never do 2 straight story dungeons in a row without the above step. If multiple story dungeon, obviously focuses on the one having characters, if that makes you advance the chapter, you know to reload your save (like one of that autosave!!!) and leave that for last, don't risk. Like this, I got the best ending with no issues.
Q: When to read the Extra story? 
A: Too early, play the game more. It is just a small side naughty story. No rush, there is no impact on the story.
->Available characters (information spoiler?)
There are a total of

27 Playable characters (this include NG+ units but not summoned ones)


Here is the Wiki (warning, character names spoiler?) with when or how characters join (since you wish to recruit them as soon as possible for 1st time clear runes). Last 4 are

NG+ only, so only 23

are available for your 1st run.
If you wish just to know who will NOT join, please continue reading (spoiler warning, won't put names so it's just to have a rough idea):
Early introduce characters: 

Mr Shop, Mr Divine Old Man, any of the "visual description as a name" characters.

Anyone who is or joins the dawn team 

Mr Hero 

Mr library (

the dark elf


Late chapter introduce character:


Robotic Angle

(she does give the vibe for a playable character...not sure why she isn't...)


You will be able to tell who is who as you advance in the story. 
Warning, this is difficult at first to understand. Play the game more and come back, it might make more sense later on. But don't advance to much before understanding this game mechanism (reason why its in the begging section).
Basics stuff on how to earn efficiently for the long run
There is no experience system, meaning killing enemies won't usually make your units stronger (more in a moment - Reson to kill enemies for stats).
Q: How do your units gain stats? 
A: Runes and skills. 
Extra info: Skills are self-explained so I will go through and explaining how to efficiently use runes.
You gain runs from defeating special enemies (see - Reson to kill enemies for stats) or 1st-time map clear. In other words, SAVE FREE MAPS. Do few to get skills and runes for your main characters to be able to clear maps. After safe them, until you have more allies, as any allied joins after you did some maps will lose out on the runes you can get from those maps. Don't do this 100% of times as you won't be able to progress or will struggle a lot, always check what a map drops so you can decide if the skill is worth or not do that map. And if you do an area, do the all from there if you need to choose for extra 5 Weapons points.
Q: How to tell whats a free map? 
A: Read tutorial...
Extra A: (the double sword icon in stage selection) 
How to invest runes
If you read the tutorial you'll know you get skills for getting a diagonal line (X), and HP for horizontal or vertical lines (+).
So, we have 3 types: "X" & "+" lines as well as scattered ones not connected with anything.
1: As you advance in the story, you'll get more books, meaning more runes needed to fill in (as it said in the tutorial, filling the whole book, will increase the max amount of Weapons Point you can allocate) so its better to fill out the 1st few book (2-3) until post game.
2: Ignore the scattered runes most of the time, unless you are in the late in chapters or have extra spare runes (usually mage have extra red and wariours extra blue), ignore as much as you can the scattered runes as you might need them for line runes. The reason why I say to ignore as much as you can despite [filling page increase max weapon point that can be allowcated] is that some units you might decide to not use them for battle, you will barely have enough to fill in the X lines for unique character skills needed for skill info list (though you can use save and load methought).
3: For X lines, save before investigating, if its a general skill, it is usually not worth (like pierce is an absolute good skill, but you get tons of copies to end game you don't wish to waste runes for it). Character skills, again, check if they are worth like the mana cost might be too much so you might wish to leave it alone until 2+ playthroughs when you have more spare runes.
4. For + lines: use the point whenever you can. Why? because you get more HP and each line add 1 level. Extra level = stat increase and addition point per level for max skill points available (max Level/Points is 50). So to have strong units, level them up, how? invest in + lines, not x lines or scattered runes.
Reason to kill enemies for stats:
Runes: The one who gives the FINISH blow will get a rune (so not everyone) if they defeat the Boss (story usually but not all the times) or that [Element] Forest Fairy
Forest Fairy: that fur? covered hidden unit there is usually 1 in every free map. I don't see the worth of searching for them, the time you waste to find every last one, you could speed run another if not more playthrough and give runes to everyone. It will stay until you start attacking it (as in reducing its remaining evade states, once it is low or 0 it will leave the battle, FOREVER for this playthrough - unless you withdraw before its gone. Once defeated, it is gone forever as well for this playthrough.
3 Skills that give more states (HP, Attack or Magic) based on the number the united killed, You need a good 300+ kill (single unit) to make a noticeable difference to use that skill instead of a different (as in its not worth to spend hours farming kills).
Mid-late game (so once you have chosen a girl - unavoidable choice)
Q: Ok. How DO I get the endings?
A: Routes/Endings (long text):
Please pay attention: There is just 1 story, with 3 outcomes (ending) were you are with one or the other character (none for bad)
Ending possibilities:
Best x2 (for each girl) - you recruit all* characters + love scenes for main girl
Normal x2 (for each girl) - Not 100% but I didn't recruite adittional characters and did all love scenes for [girl of choise] yet got the bad ending. I'm not willing to redo just to test, however it might be: recruite characters (probably all?) and DON'T see al love scenes (end chapters H even are missable).
The bad ending - Don't recruite everyone and miss Love events with the girl of chose (so just do if you can't advance otherwise, I got it this way)
* non-NG+ characters and clones don't count
I'm not sure of the following:
 - if the Super boss is included as I managed to get her from the start. 
 - if you only need to JUST recruite them all or actually see every last events they have.
How to get the best ending for sure:
Return to town after battle -> do all conversations -> Enter a free battle -> Withdraw from battle immediately -> repeat all steps over and over until no conversation are available when you return to town -> do the Main storys battle -> repeat all previous steps.
Don't forget, if you have 2 or more events, and the one you saw 1st advance the chapter, just use the autosave section to load your save just before the battle/event.
Q: When to read the Extra story? 
A: The event is related to the Dragon girl, so read it after doing all her events chapter 5-6 (forgot exactly when exacly). Non-specific timing (to avoid a spoiler): end of chapter 6 if you saw all her events. If you want more specific: after her

love scene

. I'm surprised she got this extra, as in why exactly her? Though she is one of my favourites so its a nice bonus {{{NG+ tip, she is a wind character + flys = will be extremely useful in NG+ dungeons}}}.

Q: How to beat Ultra boss?

Demon God

A: Use Mr Tree as a tank + great HP regeneration + conterstike, more healers to keep him alive if needed. At least 2 archer's snipe skill to stop Boss movements. Alternative: complete as many maps for runes and 100% area quests for WP and you should be able to beat her like that just bearly (not advise since new units will miss out on runes).
End game (has non-story spoilers)
Don't forget to clear any area for WP and buy whatever you think is good from the Night shops (as you might need them for NG+ stages as the shop resets - so skills for sale based on the chapter you are in) and Loser's Maze (for the extra general good skills, bonus runes and Info registration of the units and skills found there.
Q: Point of no return?
A: The chapter's title will clearly say its the finale. You will be able to tell as the completion will be "---%". If you need however a name its called 

Real of Brutality and its the second stage you can do in this chapter


NG+ (has non-story spoilers)
What carries over? Everything (clones are suggested so that they keep getting the 1st time clear runes). Maps need to be redone (including free maps) but you will be able to see everything (so you will see where you need to go with flying/teleporting units. It depends on yourself if you wish to clear every last map 100% or just for the 1st time clear rune bonus and maybe for any good skill, you really will be OP anyway so it's not worth doing 100% (only if you feel the need like myself:3 ). If you aim for 100% CG, your better off speedrunning the 2nd playthrough (do get all NG+ characters and try and clear those stages, except BugBug, you only get an almost all landscape adaption skills for clearing it, nothing game-breaking) as you will have nowhere near enough runes in 2 playthroughs, I had enough for my main units, and just enough to get all character skills for units I don't use after 2 best route runs despite 100% everything (actually, my mains had full books because of the forest fairy and boss kills).
For 1st-time map clear rune farming (aka recruiting NG+ characters as soon as possible): 2 you can get as early as chapter 2 (suggestions to win more down if you have difficulties), 1 Chap 3 and last one Chap 7, however for this you need to do the exclusive maps (The SP town evens + dungeons they unlock) as they show up since if you advance the chapter you might end up being locked out of them. The second reason to do them as soon as possible: You get extra book page with scattered runes to place. The stats bonus for filling everything is no joke.
Tips on beating NG+ stages as you get them (for fast recruitment)
DON'T waste your time reading this unless youhave tryed the stages already but still have difficulties as I'm assuming you know them (so no spoiler issue) and have a general idea
And again, this is just general idea how to beat them straight away (since the more you continue to play the more OP you will be) so work around depending who you use and your gameplay, you might not even need any of this info in the 1st place.

{{{{{Tips again the Robo Maids}}}}} 


Use Wind. Either units or wind magic. 
EG: Like a strong unit I manage to use to single handly beat the enemies on all 4 maps, though you will need extra units for doors/walls and treasures: Miss Angle and her AOE Chain Sword Extension Skill (its magic based so increase her magic stats in WP): I wasted turns to add mana, Move her in place (double action btw), attack only 1-2 units, next turn only those 1-2 units attack her so she survived, move away if not enough mana or reattack for damage and heal (HP Drain + healing using items from support characters to not waste mana). Occasionally send a sacrifice teleporting unit to collect mana fragments to speed up the battle. If you have enough Skill points to spare, shields are really useful if for whatever reason you don't use them. 
This strategy can be done with everyone, just don't rush.




(leave this for last as its the hardest and you don't get any new character, just a unique skill if you do the second part. I will write the description here to see if you think its worth: You get 1 passive skill that cost 5 points. It reduces land mobility by 1 and set good mobility for everything else. So this skill + Land adaptation will give you o symbol for all land movements).
A general rule for the ones fighting to use Double skills + ignore ZOC or teleport/high move (for back attack) + HP regeneration (HP Drain + counterstrike is usually enough). And WIND units/magic to actually do normal damage. Destroy 1 book at a time (so just attack with unit 1 once from the back, the book turns towards to attack back, unit 2 do the same, now the book has his back against unit 1 again, repeat until death).
For the second part (seriously, if you can't beat the 1st part your wasting your time, come back later - turn you units back toward the books so they will attack that direction and use items for extra healing), Give shield for any support character as you will be low on Mana so you need to choose wisely who to use if any support character at all. So the strategy is simple, use a wall (red hair girl is perfect) to distract some (counterattack + HP drain and she should mostly be fine against 1-2 on her own) and start attacking with your main from the back. So unit 1 from back x1, switch to unit 2 and attack from behind, switch back to unit 1 and repeat. For the last map: You need the main character to be next to THAT book to trigger and event until then you can't win. So, 1st, Don't rush, each turn, new books arrive, defeat to collect the mana they drop and summon more characters. Go to the wall, only destroy 1 single wall, not more. Defeat the wall, bring in as many characters as you can blocking off the entrance with ms Readhead supported by a healer who can survive few rounds (meaning don't summon this healer till than). Once everyone you need is there, move the main character next to the book to trigger event for next turn and defeat it as soon as possible because if it focuses on the main character it could kill him and game over)


{{{{{Chainsaw Clown}}}}} This dungeon is worth doing as soon as possible. You get more or less 4 Double actions (2 from the chest, 1 for defeat, and 1 from the new character) plus teleportation and more.

Shield up every one your 3 starters. Go either left or right. Breakthrough and move on the other side, basically, get out from where you are (if you use teleport to attack the 3 mages from the back, you will be surrounded as there are enemies in the back and the units on the left/right can access that platform). Once you get through, occupy the camp as fast as you can (as its free healing + add mana). And spend turn were you defeated whatever comes against you until you have summon everyone you need (there is no rush). From there just go in groups and you should be fine. Once you clear everything but the lest section, carefully open the chests (all chest are a must as 2 contain double action and another 2 have teleport) as otherwise, you risk Chainsaw Bunny Clown to attack (and you wish her to stay where she is). Now, if you are confident you can go ahead and attack her, otherwise: Move all your units in reach, move a bait just enough for her to reach if she moves twice (usually just after the stairs). Optional: use snipe to stop her from attacking the bait but still in reach for you attackers. Next turn, do an all-out attack against her as she should go down easily.


{{{{{Hot spring}}}}}: Nothing really, but if you really need to

HP regeneration/ HP Drain + counterstrike, double action, shield and at least 1 character with teleportation. You can revisit them and use all units, and you sure get good skills.


{{{{{The questioner}}}}}: Sorry...I pretty much slaughtered them all since is end game battle so not real tip other than the general rule against all bosses:

Double action, high mobility, HP Drain and don't get surrounded. The boss: use baits (have 2 characters turn their back to the direction you want him to attack) that have shields to resit his heavy attack and well to lead him away from the characters who must not retread... keep attacking from back and you will win with no issues. Ensure you have enough units on each side, like the Laurie (double action, wide attack, HP Drain) should be enough to defeat all of the enemies on her side on her own (at least I managed without bothering....as most were killed in her counterattack or double surrounding attack skill). Give wind magic for the clown bunny to handle the artefact enemies, shield and healing magic. Don't forget to give damage increase to allies skills (even if it's just pure support characters) as this way I one-hit killed normal units.


For 100% 
Jap Wiki is your best friend
Q: I'm missing [CG]
A: If you did the 2 routes on the best ending, it means you are missing 1 CG slot. For that, you need to get 1 of the other 3 endings, all 3 if you want 100% variations. For 100% CG, you need to do all 5 possible endings + almost all Characters skills (use the gallery to check who you need...yes, I love to point out the obvious).
Extra: So, you have everything (so including NG+ events) but lack CG variation were characters clearly is attacking, that means you need to perform (make them if enemy) their character skills. eg: Laurie has a CG with an Ax right at the beginning of the game. In the gallery (unlock after beating the game once) you'll see it has 10 variations. You will only get all 10 by using her skills in battle (if i'm not wrong its just the 30 mana cost, I did use all her skills and got 10/10). Same with ALMOST every character - again, check CG list, make your own list, do a map, save when you have 40? mana, summon character, perform skill, load save and do same with different character. This way, you shold have everyone but enemys (good luck, play hard so they have no need for mana to cast thir skills) otherwise load and use different skill.
Q: I'm missing unit X in the list
1. The 2 under Zombie Dragon: In chapter 5, DON'T trigger the event next to the corps (since this is the post-game section of the guide I'm sure you know who that event is). Then in chapter 6, you will have a mission were the 2 missable units will appear. Optional: DON'T attack them and they will join you after the battle.
2. The 3 units under Reza-Bozua are re-enforcement units that appear during the Last Story boss fight (so don't rush).
3. If you miss 1 unit, it means its definitely one that shows up after you clear the map once so make sure you revisited maps, start with main and move on to free - sorry, don't have a list of this kind of units.
Copyright: This is only for Fuwanovel web so no posting on other website. I will update (if I can) if requested but for now I'm done with the game so i won't spend any more time. Additions are welcome, criticise aren't ( I mentioned from the start that I have communication issues so it is absurd to think what I wrote is without issues. I wrote to help to fill any missing piece people have. I played and done the game without any, so anything I wrote is really just my own suggestions and stuff I considered writing)
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