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Differences between Eien no Aselia steam and the amatorial patch

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From what i can see its just replacing cg's from uncensored version, more blood and more revealing outfits. H scenes are still out. Seems like a popular game so im amazed no one has made a proper patch.

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You have to remember that the version put out here in the US is basically a reverse-port of the PS2 version.  As such, it wasn't created with h-scenes present. 

I've played the Special Edition in Japanese (the definitive edition that came after this one), and it is pretty good.  However, this game doesn't really have an h-focus even there.  If you choose to do the evil path (which really isn't even a path), you don't really even get anything for it except a bunch of badly dated h-scenes. 

I do recommend patching the Steam version for the uncensoring, since it restores the blood that was normally present, which is in itself worth it. 


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