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Last run?  

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  1. 1. Should I decensor Maitetsu:Last Run?

    • Even if there is no english translation of the new scenes, just do it fast! [ LOW QUALITY decensoring, NO ENGLISH script ]
    • Wait for someone to announce the translation of the whole game [ HIGH QUALITY decensoring with HIGH QUALITY ENGLISH script ]
    • MT the whole thing and do the decensoring slowly [ HIGH QUALITY decensoring with LOW QUALITY ENGLISH MT script ]
    • Don't bother I wont play the game at all, or at least I am going to use AGHT or similar and I can't wait for you to make a decensor patch I am used to the censored pixels [ NOTHING at all ]

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I voted on this poll years ago waiting for a high quality translation of Last Run but with Lose folding into Whisp, any hope for an official translation to fix the mess that ruined its ability to sell seems to have gone out the window with it.  Since that is the case, is there any chance a fan translation group could pick it up?  Is there a way to commission for it?  It would be a terrible shame to see this game not get a finished translation.

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