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(Hooligapps) CuntWars

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Hello and good time of day.

Someone playing? Pretty fun, interesting system, multi language, good art... no hscenes (only art) and heavy p2w, though. This is not Nutaku / Dmm (hosted by Hooligapps adult reskin of Mighty Party). Nutaku has two other Hooligapps games thought. http://cuntwars.com/?redeem=YESESR - This link is referral - 3 rare chests for those who register with this link and legendary card for me if you reach pvp league 15. We are good active guild rank 163 war / rank 239 fame. Need comrades, have 2 open spots. Guild name - OMNIA

Advices for new players:
1) Dont rush pvp rank and stay on 24 while you can + find active guild and you soon will be able to win most of the matches. Then advance when ready.
2) Don't level cards midlessly - they raise you acc level and each level up refill PVE journey attempts.
3) Use at least 1$ offer, they pretty generous - but don't buy if not offer legendary. Offers seems to reappearing on time.
4) Donation/request card is something you have to plan for (mainly on request part) if you have a specific card your trying to evolve go for either that one or those that are a previous version of it, dont ask a random one.
5) Don't waste gems on anything aside Mistress chests in shop.
6) Keep your friend list clean and with active players (check their last online status and if they send gift keep them otherwise delete them from your friend list and try to add someone else).

Have a good New Year holidays.

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