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DWO - Visual Novel series


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Hi there!

It's been a while, I come back with my new project, a visual novel series named (weirdly named) Dragon and Weed: Origins.

First of all, please note that English is not my first language, the VN scripts has been translated and we'll hire a professionnal and native proofreader, as soon as we succed our Kickstarter campaign.

DWO is based on the original eponymous comics which was released in 2009 and have 77 chapters. It is a three-season series that mixes comedy, epic action and adventure:

  • Season 1: OutBreak
  • Season 2: The Fallen
  • Season 3: Nemesis Faction

We are currently working on the first season that is made of 5 volumes (~50 episodes). In this season, Dray and Lushian two young soldier who, having completed the extremely difficult military and spiritual program “Professional Assassins” will join an ancient secret organization.

In OutBreak, events mainly take place in the organization training center where the trainee and instructors will have to face the unusual temper of our two protagonists.




- 1080p/Full HD Max resolution
- Epic Action/ Adventure story
- Fully voiced
- Full color traditional and animated CGs
- Awesome Original Soundtrack
- Bonus and Hidden scenes


The series will be available first for Windows, in English and French languages.



World of Dragon and Weed:
We're in 2053, few years ago, the world was ruled by war, conflicts and a conglomerate that manipulated it.

Right now, political entities are trying to keep a fragile peace, the United-Nations of Europe (also called United-States of Europe), the Africa's Joint-Nations Alliance (AJNA) and the Diplomatic Alliance of the Asian Pentagon (DAAP) are the most influential.



Here are the main characters of Season 1's Volume 1


- Alexander 'Dragon' Drayzaai: He is a lazy guy, a pervert and womaniser who enjoys driving the people around him crazy. In addition he has that Chibi personnality that makes him more childish, although he can sometimes be serious.


- Lushian 'Weed' Nicolier: Lushian is really clever and professionnal person that can be touched by hardly anything. He's that cool guy who seems to be bored by everyone and who has lost his faith in humanity. Lushian have a limited trust: he would trust his life in a very small circle of friends, Alexander being one of them.


- Rose: Former member of a private police force, she's now a lieutenant of the European Army (UNECA) as excellent that she hold a captain position by ruling a whole section. She know Dragon and Weed for a while and have a very conflictual relationship with them.


- Amanda Hidejirō: Amanda is a scientist who have been kidnapped by a terrorist group. She's not custom to field work.


- Benjamin Denarg: Also know as Colonel Quasar, he's a hi-ranked officer in a shadowy ancestral secret organization. Oh and is as perverted as Dragon.


- Mobius: He's a Commando trainee of the Organization, a little too sure of himself.


- Lucifer: She's also a Commando trainee of the Organization, cold tempered, she try her best not to kill Dragon.


- Theodore Gregson-Mitchell: Lieutenant-General of the UNECA, he's a former intelligence officer of a powerful private army. Cold, merciless and result focused, he's linked to an other secret organization.


- Galindo-Gomez: Known for being a sadist, he's the captain of the actual most powerful private army, the Favelas Brothers PMC.














The Season 1 is currently on Kickstarter and Greenlight so if you like the project, please support us.
A short demo will be available in few weeks, meanwhile, you can watch the Volume 1's teaser:


Follow OG-ZONE on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


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