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I need help to find music software

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I hope this are right thread for to Ask this.

I'm home now after been on camping for awaile and since camping have bad Internett connection I couldnt listned to music and I miss that very much.

So here is the question.

Does somebody know any music software where I can listned to music offline?

I really need that since I shall on camping again on Wedensday and that Would I like to hear music.

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What do you mean by "offline"? You can either stream music from the internet (youtube, bandcamp etc.) or play the music files (MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC etc.) through one of many audio players like Winamp, Foobar or XMPlay. There's no other possibility except for MP3 players/smartphones or audio CD's. If you have the CD's, you can rip the audio tracks to create music files with audio rippers. Aside from that, there's also mod scene and retro scene - software like XMPlay or SIDplay allow you to play mods (XM, MOD, S3M) or even C64 music.


Modarchive.com has a huge collection of mods and they are all free. Same goes with SIDplay, although you will either have to acquire the HVSC (High Voltage SID Collection), or obtain the SID files from different sources. Lemon64 has a huge number of C64 tracks from games and demos.

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