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  1. I did start the game with start.exe but still ask for DVD
  2. The game keep ask for DVD even after I put NO DVD patch... anyone know how to fix this? Also game dosen't run at all if you put ksc_updater.zip inside the game folder lol
  3. Is there way to make Clannad Work??? They removed the app from appstroe and I tried downloading using the other link and the app just crash soon as you launch it
  4. I noticed alot of people were having problem with Yandere bug, which is Maika is keep appearing in the screen for no reason and there was no post for how to fix this... I figure out how to fix this. You just need to delete the save folder and restart the game.. After that you won't have that glitch ever again
  5. It turns out it only overheat if you play while your charging the tablet.... And yeah I would LOVE To get surface pro but they are soo expensive.... I could save up for it but I rather get a gaming PC with that money lol....
  6. Would love to play with more people add me NA server Eeku I am on everyday
  7. Ok after using the tablet for few months here is what I think of it It's a great tablet for it's price and I was able to run any VN without any lag or game issues, but I had a problem with tablet getting too hot... the tablet get's sooo hot you can't hold on to it without the cover and I had to use my touch pen to use the screen because it was too hot for me and t takes about 5~10 minutes to cool it down. Also I sometimes had a problem with the screen shaking for no reason but I was able to fix it by restarting the tablet. I did try to do some drawing with the tablet.. you can try to draw, but I recommend getting a actual drawing tablet because the touch is kind of weird on the top and the bottom part of the screen. Touch works but you gotta press it multiple times to make it work and that ruins the drawing, and same thing goes for photoshoping I would recommend it if you don't have a lots of money to spend but If you do have the money get something better like ASUS Transformer Book lol Oh yeah here are the games I played using the winbook tw801 Nekopara If my heart had wings Grisaia no kajitsu I had 0 problem running the game
  8. dam I messed that up I wouldn't have notice it if you didn't tell me... Oh well I still love my decal
  9. I made a custom decal for my 3DS XL What do you guys think?
  10. get Winbook tw801 amazing price and great tablet but the bad thing is when you go to micro center store expect to wait atleast 1 hr to get your item and another hour to wait in line to buy the winbook.....
  11. Today I am gonna go buy that Winbook. Once I get it and test it out I will tell you guys how I think of it lol Tablets works GREAT!!!!! I am playing If my heart had wings right now. I don't feel any lag and works 100%
  12. is it only me or is the server down? everytime I try to go to fuwanovel.net it say whoops somthing went wrong... this started to happen since yesterday
  13. That tablet looks great and with that 3.0 USB port I can move any VN using my USB Driver... If I can get a ride I will get it but if I can't get a ride i will just order Factory Refurbished Dell Venue 8 Pro 32 GB on Ebay its $145.99 (I would put link but idk how to :/ )
  14. Dell Venue Pro 8 is sold out right now on the ebay....fml... I was soo close to getting it I been saving up money... So I found ths other tablet for $99 dollars it's HP Stream 7, it looks and its 36 GB but its 1 GB ram... is 1 GB ram enough?
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