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  1. Good luck on this, looking forward to it!
  2. Ye I just looked it up, it seems to be true so you're right Just want to make things clear, I was implying that I was hoping Official companies would localize the game in English, not in the way where one sells his translation. As I had no intention to do so and it is only for pro translators who fits the bill, there's no way I will ever be capable of doing that until I am of N1 level, and with a full team. It's mostly going to be for educational purposes, I do understand where you're coming from though, thanks for the tip Yea I can see your point, you made some good points there. Good luck on your future project, hope it's a good one. I made this thread intentionally knowing myself that I am not good enough and wants to discourage myself from doing it as I am having these weird doubts, and with some of the answers here, I think I am feeling better. I can sort of see the future where this would go badly or in a way where one would get attacked and so on, anyhow I appreciate all the response xD
  3. I'm in need of help atm on deciding whether or not I should start a new translation project. This may sound retarded, but the goal of the translation is hoping it will one day get localized in English and making the game more popular on the west, (not for profit since you won't earn anything anyway, but for bringing out general awareness of said VN), and of course to include it on the vndb database. I had this weird feeling that I wanted to try translating of said VN since it was still not translated since years ago and it was still not translated till this date. I had a couple in mind, which are Rebellions: Secret Game 2nd Stage, Caucasu or Madou Koukaku I worked roughly a single day (somewhere close to 15 hours) on Zombie no Afureta before stopping due to the official localization and did over 450 lines, with some help from the original novel as reference. I translate straight from the CN version of the game, the novel and tried to translate them into English as well as comparing Japanese texts, the English novel and such. I am British Chinese myself. (Just to note Zombie no Afureta got picked up by officials so that's good news) Note I am certainly not a good English writer, with only being able to obtain a C during secondary school on GCSE and that's a pass. and studied Multimedia Technology and Design on Un in the UK so it's not related to Japanese at all, though I've read a ton of manga and anime. I'm a graduate now and 23 years old I've helped translate manhua/manga in the past, with an editor helping me with editing while I translate. Japanese level close to N4.5-5 and able to read all Kanji. I noticed how time-consuming translating is when I tried to do those 450 lines, it is hard work no doubt, so I can understand why so many ppl dropped their projects in the first place. I've uploaded and placed two files here, in Japanese and the script I translated (Please open them in notepad plus), to see if ppl can help me to see if I pass the bare minimum for English translation and or on the vndb database. I did, however, modify some text different than their original meaning for trying to make them makes sense I don't think anyone has ever tried to do CN> English translation as of yet, but I can imagine someone like phantomJS could probably have done better since he can also read Kanji Criticisms and bashing are all welcomed and I would like to hear what majority of ppl thinks. on whether I should just mind my own business reading VN casually or should I start up a new project, obviously if I was going to make a shit translation I might as well stop, I do feel a bit embarrassed as I am typing this, so yes this is a "shamefur dispray" I appreciate all the help and from the previous thread and I apologized If I offended anyone, as I don't mean to and I was certainly idiotic. Thanks for your time
  4. It's a great Visual novel, anyone who played Dead Frontier or games who were similar will like this, I've read it 3 times personally. Highly recommend. It's a shame the novel adaption got stopped but now we got this it's all good. Hopefully they will release the second and third game as well
  5. I got 11 SSR with close to 2K$ spent, it's P2W in the way that you must be someone with NP5 servants 5* to be able to clear BP3 consistently. Anyone who's not a whale will not be able to clear BP3 at all. The event is gone now so it's all good but it's like the first FGO event that was leaning towards P2W that much
  6. Ye that's true, however, it's been well known that their previous games like King Exit or so were butchered by the horrible translation they made. and most if not all are grammar related issues. So if they use Grammarly on their previous games it could improve somewhat, sadly they're too lazy to update their previous games and would just leave it as is. But ye you're right The CN translation is actually fine, and with its price tag of £4, that's a steal no matter how you look at it, for a 50+ hours VN that's insanely cheap and the English release will probably have the same price
  7. Well, it would certainly be dumb if someone to where the focus on a project where it would get localized later on. I asked the mods to lock this topic via contact admins a week ago but somehow they didn't lul. So if someone would lock it I would appreciate it Luckily the translator finally announces it with Denpasoft so I'm happy, I just hope that he will do the sequel and the third game as well. they are both extremely short (roughly 4-5 hours long). I knew if I posted that news somewhat it would lead to Official confirmation since it can't be in the hiding anymore. So it's good news for everyone. I apologized if I sound like a dick or something, I didn't mean to. I don't know Zakamutt so obviously I am in the dark here, now that it's confirmed it's good news for everyone. ye I can understand more or less just by listening and what you've said, it's mainly the Japanese texts and narration that's the problem. But yeh thanks, most if not all CN translation are on N1 level and by looking at the texts and the voice replay you can more or less get that it's accurate I appreciate the posts by tymmur, decay here, I certainly understand where you're coming from as well as everyone that posted
  8. Waiting for Warhammer 2 and it's DLC plus Steel Faith's mod
  9. I spent over a 1000 quartz and end up with only 5* Altera, want to kms. Gonna only spent on paid gacha from now on. The current event is also quite P2W
  10. Well, I spoke to him so I highly doubt he has the intention of showing said proof to me. He refused to respond back to my questions which put me in an awkward situation whether I should continue or not while hiding whoever was doing the translation. I am grateful that fact that he PM me personally but without sufficient proof, it's hard to say. Note I am happy if that's really the case since I wanted it to be picked up by Officials since long ago, so it would be great if it happened. I only did this in the first place since it's been so long and I have not heard of any news. and if what dk382 you said is true then the better. That means I won't have to do anything while waiting for an Official release
  11. I appreciated your help, thanks and you too. Ye that was a typo my bad
  12. I would say I am close to N5, but I am basing this translation on the novels that were already translated into Chinese as well as English and the CN's translation on the game, and then compare them with the Japanese texts and some other software I use. TLC would be great, same with the other positions. I had no issues reading Kanji as well. I translated Manhua in the past with a small group of ppl I did search for translation projects before I start up this thread, but was unable to find any until I posted it. I did manage to find a project request on Neko Nyan. I was actually patiently waiting for someone to pick this up since 3 years ago, and until this day none has so far. I'm quite confident the translation should be done within a month or less if I try hard on it
  13. There was a small part of NTR (not really) in game 3, but again this is an anti-hero story
  14. Ye that was me, it was the case for Chinese > Japanese, but after looking at it deeply on the English novel it's quite messy and things are out of places. Thanks
  15. I am starting from scratch, the novel and the game has too many scripts that weren't the same. The game added so many new scripts and new routes (at least game 2/3) compared to the Light novel There are no rapes like that imao, it's not a tentacle game, there are also no netorare etc In the meantime, I'll keep trying to proofread it as well as having some of my family members helping out from time to time, my sister is fully capable of speaking Japanese and writing, and she's going to Japan within a month
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