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  1. I managed to figure this out finally although I'm not exactly sure how. It has to do with the choices during the lunch breaks and after school on 4/15 through 4/18. I manged to unlock the first 2 by choosing Sakura Park after school on 4/18 but, apparently you do have to read all of the scenes on all days to unlock all 5 scenarios in the extra section. I hope this helps others.
  2. I am having trouble unlocking the top 2 bonus scenarios under the Innocent Finale extra section that are just shown in question marks. I have only played through currently Innocent Finale and Plus Communication but I'm pretty sure that Plus Communication has something to do with it because there's a parallel story arrow between Plus Communication and the Innocent Finale extra section. I have unlocked all cg's and scenarios in Plus Communication however it still didn't trigger the question marked scenarios in the extra section of Innocent Finale. I also have all of the scenarios in the main par
  3. When it comes to fixing the directx I'm not 100% sure if it was ever fixed on this error or not it still happened on this game when I upgraded to Directx 10 it on Windows 7 that's when I tried to reinstall the game the first time and the problem first happened. Now that I've upgraded to Windows 10 I have Directx 11, so I kind of just assumed that everything was good to go. I thought that I would try and install the game again but it still won't let me do it. I'm sorry I'm such a moron when it comes to things like this but I really never had any experiences like this before I always just instal
  4. I unfortunately have no idea how to post screenshots because I'm an idiot when it comes to things like that. However I did do some searching online and found something about problems with directx and the file sounded like what I experienced the directx.direct3d.dll file was corrupted somehow and after that the game wouldn't work. So I tried fixing directx first and was still getting the error so then I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game. That leads us to now, I haven't been able to reinstall the game at all when I try to run the installer it just jumps straight to the uninstaller and
  5. I have a Dell Inspiron mini laptop and I use to have Windows 7 32-bit installed on it and I was able to play School Days HQ on it but then I got an error message about a directx component missing. I'm afraid I don't remember which one it was so I upgraded the directx and it still didn't help with the game so I tried uninstalling the game without deleting my data and reinstalling it but now every time I try to reinstall the game it automatically just uninstalls it. I thought I would try again now that I have Windows 10 and it's doing the same thing. I don't know if it's because I downloaded a t
  6. Hello everybody. I just finished playing the english translation of To Heart 2 and I learned that there is a sequel to the game called To Heart 2 Another Day. So I was wondering if anybody knew if there were any plans to translate To Heart 2 Another Day into english as well. I figured I would come and ask here because I didn't know where else I could go and ask this question.
  7. I apologize to everyone I was able to figure out the problem on my own after un-installing and then re-installing the game. There was another folder included with the game that had a movie file in it that the instructions told me to copy over to the installed game folder and when I did that is when the game stopped working. The game works perfectly now and I'm sorry I was so vague before. I use Windows 7 with Japanese locale.
  8. I was finally able to install the game along with the English patch last night and the game opened through the installer. I just checked the menu settings and closed the game and then I shut down my computer for the night. Now I can't seem to get the game running again through the desktop or the start menu shortcuts or the installed folder. Am I going to have to completely reinstall it or is there something else I'm missing? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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