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  1. Is Deardrops any good?

  2. I have an error with my forum pls help http://i.imgur.com/SqDS6ZX.jpg

  3. Monster Hunter ruins my life.

  4. Today I wanted to read more Princess Evangile, make a pizza and do my running. But Monster Hunter just laughed and said "no".

  5. 500 posts in and I wasn't kicked out yet? Why?

  6. I own and operate a ferocious ego.

  7. Did someone notice me hiding white words in some of my posts?

    1. Eclipsed
    2. TexasDice


      Manifested madness hides in some of my posts.

  8. Just another roll of the dice...

  9. Oh no, I hope this spriteless sidecharacter won't force me to use chekhov's gun.

    1. TexasDice


      I probably have to use it later though. Not sure why I know that.

  10. "Everything is fucked up in hentai." - Kosakifag, 2015

  11. manners training

    1. TexasDice


      I have decided to update my status daily with two randomly selected words.

  12. How can casinos be real if our dice aren't real?

  13. I like a man who's honest about his lying, but never lies about being honest!

  14. They don't make racist audiobooks for children like they used to.

  15. I tried to improve my adverdicement, but the numbers wouldn't match up.

  16. Do you know the thing? I'm sure you do.

  17. Sometimes words, but then funny pun.

  18. It takes a lot to make a stew...

  19. Disrespecting the dice, is not very nice.

  20. My neighbors told me to cut the hedge, but I decided to leaf it at that.