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  1. Yes, you pick up on the way they are written and then they become much easier. Until you hit an exception to the rule and you pull your hair out trying to remember it, but Anki really is an exceptional tool. I hit one of the harder chapters and they were difficult to remember, after a few times in Anki though it really does start to stick.
  2. Day 95 Complete Today I have finished going through RTK1. The last week was one of the hardest I have had with learning the new Kanji, with them getting harder in the last lesson I ended up drinking and then took a trip to London to see my sister for a couple of days. Review Days Missed: 0 New Kanji Days Missed: 2 I still have a long way to go but tomorrow I will start on the Kana while continuing my reviews, the Kana shouldn't be too much of an issue for me as I have gone through them before. I usually spent around 40 - 1 hour minutes writing the 25 Kanji down depending on primitives, then doing my reviews which have come to about 200+ a day. I have to thank Tay though for his post, was really motivating and finally got me to go through with it, I really think I can see myself actually doing something I enjoy late in life. To everyone else working their way through as well, fight through the bad days and make sure you get to the end! Good luck! If anyone has any questions then I will be happy to reply.
  3. I made a couple when I was playing Tera, imgur reduces image quality though.
  4. I too bought the 6th edition, you will have to change the amount of new Kanji at the start a few times to keep them in sync. You will have to then do it once when you get further in the book but other than that it will be correct. Sounds like you got the ones you previously had trouble with right though so good luck.
  5. It is always nice to see someone else join in and it has been enjoyable reading your blog, I just have to say that this website here has been invaluable to me. The stories on it are really helpful and it has been the most helpful website I have been using. Just hit the study button at the top and then you can search for the Kanji you are on, read through a couple of stories and either make your own personal one or find one that sticks. I will leave a couple of things I have learnt from this experience: - Doing reviews at night is usually a bad idea, even if you are a night person like me. - Doing this helped my sleep routine, I go to sleep and wake up at a reasonable time now. (Usually went to bed at 4 - 6am, or I would stay up till the next day) - Find something to raise your motivation as high as you can, does a world of good to your mindset when you study. Hopefully you get something good out of this and good luck.
  6. I have a working copy, where did you want it uploaded to?
  7. #include <stdio.h> { printf("Welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay.\n"); //Welcome message } return 0;
  8. My fetish is cheering you on. I haven't actually read any of them yet but I have 4 of them installed. -Edit- How would you rate the previous installments?
  9. Day 56 It has been a while since I last updated, seeing how other people are going is great as well. Days Missed: 1 Halfway through my last update and this one I got into a really bad few days, I ended up going from 25 > 10 and then to 5. I went to 0 new Kanji learn't for 1 day but I still did my reviews, since then though I went back to 25/day. Kanji: 1250 Reaching the halfway point felt amazing, watching the number grow is invigorating. Motivation Level: Fluctuates It changes from day to day from low to high, really depends on what has happened that day. Overall, I feel like I can finish RTK1 and continue to go even further. Doing this has also helped keep my life in check: Sleep routine, keeping my brain active ect.
  10. A lot of people recommend reading Yotsubato. This pack here http://www.livingjapanese.com/p/reading-pack.html comes with Anki cards and pdfs containing the vocab used in volume 1, it is pay what you want so if you don't have any money then you can grab it for free and give money later.
  11. I don't comment as much as I should but I read every post in these blogs, you should look at your review time now that you have finished your break and adjust it if you feel like you need to. Burning yourself out is the worse thing you can do especially with your tight schedule at the moment, I'm hoping to see your next update to be more positive and have less disappointment in it!
  12. Since I have started doing this challenge I now sleep at a normal time, life hits hard and it is easy to let things slip, but it looks like you are finding motivation with the community here. I'm not one for saying a lot but you have a way at motivating people, that music during the challenge post for instance, 50/day is always impressive and I expect to see more updates
  13. Should I submit any of the walkthroughs I have downloaded? They weren't made by me so that is why I haven't offered any so far. I would like to request one for Clannad -The Past Path I don't believe one has been made and I enjoyed reading it. Link for VNDB as well. Didn't realize the download links are gone. Download Page
  14. Thank you for the replies. Week 4 + 1 day Days missed: 0 I am surprised I have 0 missed days in a month. Kanji: 760 I lowered the amount I will be doing for a couple of days to 10 because I am having trouble with some of the more recent Kanji, once I feel like I know them well enough I will raise it again. Motivation Level: Medium There are a couple of things keeping me motivated: Watching Clannad, reading Corpse Party BC and because the language is interesting.
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