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    Wolfscythe reacted to Lavinder in Mellow's art contest.   
    Never on schedule, but always on time. Here is the great Lavi's submittion.

    "That day...... Six years ago. She looks just as she does that day. But more then that, absolutely nothing has changed about her. She is the  exact same girl I'd talk with for hours about wanting to be a mangaka. That I'd escort home after school everyday, it it was almost a mile out of my way.  It's as though it's simply the day after "that" day. just...... Tomorrow.
    Well..... We've got a lot of catching up to do."
    My entry about about a girl who lost her life, the boy she left behind, and the bod they share that not even death can break. I honestly didn't expect to make this black and white. But midway, it just felt right. maybe because the last few entries were B/W. And I must say, it had a positive effect on  the work. I felt a lot more free as i didn't have to struggle with color blending. No longer was I to tame the unruly tablet. Rather, we danced together in my natural element, reliving my days in the sketchbook. It felt natural in fluid and I really enjoyed it from start to finish. if I could have this feeling everyday, Id die happy.
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    Wolfscythe got a reaction from Crimrui in Most Overrated and Underrated Animes   
    Underrated, I would say Mahoromatic, even with it's Gainax-esque ending (that I'm "almost" sure is the same in the manga), it's a good series that keeps you entertained. Maybe Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu too, but in this case I would say that it's because people doesn't know it, rather than it's underrated.
    As for overrated, anything that appeals to the viewers with fanservice (not only pantyshots and the like, but all the length of the term) and because of that becomes superpopular.
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    Wolfscythe got a reaction from Jakeman77 in Funny Visual Novel Screenshots   

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    Wolfscythe got a reaction from Majaraja in Hello~   
    Hey man!! I'm also a native spanish speaker, so if there's something i could do to help, just tell me, see ya around!!
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