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Mellow's art contest.


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Hello people of fuwa!


After much planning I am proud to announce that I will be hosting an art contest right here on the fuwa forums. 


This contest will be open to anyone on fuwa and shall commence soon if we get enough people on board. We currently have 9 participants and would like many more so this ends up being interesting.


The rules are simple:


1. The contest shall be set up in a tournament style. Each round a general subject shall be given and participants must create their own interpretation of the subject.


2. The contest shall be judged by me and 1 other member of the forums. We will be judging entries based on creativity within the constraints of the particular subject as apposed to artistic skill. This means that you have a fair chance of winning even if you aren't good at drawing.


3. Each round participants will be eliminated until we only have three left, at which point they will be competing for their choice of the three available prizes.


4. The prizes are interchangeable, meaning first place gets first pick out of the three and so on.


Now on to the prizes!








A very special edition of Bubblegum Crisis 2032.




Your choice of:


A special t-shirt with a print on it made by a certain member of the forums.




This art print of Aegis from persona 3.









A hardcopy of Kara no Shoujo limited edition






A hardcopy of Flowers limited edition (Which was just released in Japan a few weeks ago if i'am not mistaken. Hopefully it will see a translation sometime soon, but for now it's only in Japanese)



So tha'ts the plan, hopefully this interests some people as i'am really looking forward to seeing the members of fuwa be as creative as possible.If you want to join all you need to do is make a post saying you want to participate.  :)


Current participants: 












Aniki (maybe)

Lewycool (If Aniki joins)










*This contest is made possible with the help of our benefactors who wish to remain anonymous*


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HMm i would like to enter, but i get easily distracted so if i participate i either will not make the time or wont do a good job haha xD..But anyway a Question..

In terms of Art, What form of art do you mean? Drawing? on computer?

What ever you prefer. The point is to show how creative you can be, as long as your art fits the subject at the time the rest is up to you.


I should point out that this means you can win even if the best you can do is stick figures since it's creativity that we are looking for.

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ny china town has a bunch of people selling turtles on the streets though and thats awesome!

just a note those turtles are meant to be used in soup or other dishes.

and ill join if i find the time atleast.

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just a note those turtles are meant to be used in soup or other dishes.

and ill join if i find the time atleast.


thats  fine jef turtle soup is tasty the Maryland terrapin where i was born was almost wiped out because of over harvesting for soup, my uncle jim had a restaurant specializing in it.

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Don't talk about me like that Krill, you'll make me blush. :)

Because this is how Mellow operates. Honestly, you really ought to know this by now.

He's right Rain, you really should have expected this. It's too late now my friend, you can no longer back out of this. I'll be expecting some great art from you.

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