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    Anime Manga LN and more from the Japanese World
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    Tries to independently develop a fantasy Isekai version from the classroom of elite light novel. I don't write the story myself, that's what a colleague does. The only thing that really depends on is to find someone who gets the characters in the LN illustration style similar but just in the fantasy look. If you are interested, you can contact me.
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About me's... Well, I just introduce myself here as well. My name is Zero in the digital world and comes from Munich in Germany. Especially fuwanovel I did not know before only since hata posted it on the visual-novel.info discord server I became aware of it here and now I have landed here in the forum fuwanovel. I am a general fan of the Japanese world and even try to get a VN myself, I have understood how Ren'py works. Only I have the problem I am looking for someone who can and wants to help me with Ren'py as well as someone who has a clue as a draughtsman because I am also looking for someone who can get close to the original drawing style if possible and at the same time turn the characters into fantasy drawing. Say that e.g. Horikita is not in her school uniform but a swordswoman is then or so. So if someone is interested, he can contact me. Otherwise, I hope for a nice forum time here. 


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