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  1. In 2001, a little studio by the name of Duke released a game that would go on to influence some of the modern eras' most beloved VNs, and help to form an important sub-genre of psychological horror stories. Jisatsu 101 is that game; a beautiful, flawed, mess of a story with much to love and much to question.
  2. New one is out! Taking a look at 1994's Necronomicon, a fascinating VN that attempts to mix Shadow over Innsmouth and other Lovecraft tales together into something new for VN fans, and it's surprisingly interesting.
  3. See I'm responsible I actually posted this one to the thread on time Celebrating the most bizarre, the weirdest, and the silliest fantasies imaginable with no shame, Ayayo-san is a little known series of eroge about a very dumb girl and her cast of friends that's had an interesting impact on many facets of VN history, and friends... it is BEAUTIFUL. I also apologize for not responding to everyone; I'll try to handle some of it now ^^; There's a lot of interesting convergent evolution with Japanese and Western PC game genres - that's a very good example of it,
  4. Gahhh, I didn't see notifications for the thread and forgot to check it... ;___; Well regardless, new review is up! Taking a look at Doukyuusei, primarily its remake - the game that truly codified dating sims as a genre. Yeah, it's surprised me after playing Angelique how much of it shows up in places. I can't say I expected Precure but it makes total sense from what I know of the show!
  5. Can't believe I forgot to post the new episode! Taking a look at Angelique, the very first otome game. It's not exactly a VN but it's adjacent enough that I think it was worth covering, since it's the reason that genre exists at all.
  6. That's definitely down my alley. Given its length I don't think I could say much about it unless I can tie it into some other media, so it's perfect for a video like that! Thank you! I'm glad I could provide that ^^ I haven't, but I really want to. People in the comments have sold me on Clannad being a lot of what I found lacking in Kanon, and that combined with Kanon it self has me super interested in checking out Key's other works. If Air isn't super duper long to read, then I may check it out and try to do a video on it once I start running dry on my scheduled topics
  7. Thank you! I was really disappointed by the lack of content on them and wanted to try and fix that. At some point I want take a look at all the ones you mentioned -- though I'm considering waiting on Nocturnal Illusion for a while cause I've heard mixed things about the translation. I really wanna do a video on a grabbag of short VNs at some point, so I'll check yours out at some point and see if I can maybe fit it in! I really enjoy shorter stories but, I do think longer ones are better too. I think the sweet spot is something around the 20 to 40 hour mark, long enough for me to
  8. Hello all! I wanted to post this and share it with everyone here, since I think people here would find it interesting. As I've started getting back into visual novels and had the urge to make videos again, I decided to start doing video reviews and essays on the games I play. As of now I'm mostly focusing on older titles, since those seem to get the least attention and I wanna give them a spotlight, both because their history is interesting and because some of them are still fantastic titles! My latest video is on Kanon and its themes, and what it means to me personally:
  9. I'm sure I will! It seems like a cozy place here ^^ I will probably post there then, especially since I would enjoy seeing people discuss the games in the videos and their opinions on them. Thank you!!
  10. Most recent things I got were Christmas gifts -- the first being a copy of Pia Carrot on PC-98, which I'm still really stoked to own since it's one of my favorite dating sims! And a PC-FX, which lately I've been using to play Angelique Special and having a good time with.
  11. Hi all! I'm not very good at introductions but I'll try my best! I'm Noelle, a game musician by trade who started getting really into VNs not too long ago. I read Tsukihime and Fate years back, but starting with Umineko in 2020 I've been slowly working my way through a big ol' backlog of them. As of now I've only read a handful, but what I really enjoyed what I've read, so much so that I've started making video essays and reviews on them: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCShccf0NLU7E3USx82Vu2jQ (As a side note, I would like to start a thread dedicated to my videos -- would visua
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