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  1. hello everyone, i am having trouble extracting and packaging an .xp3 file using Krkrxtract, if i use older versions of the program i get an error saying: "authentication error: invalid signing token or unrecognized kirikiri core" If I use the latest version of Krkrxtract lite 5.0.0, it is possible to unzip, but it does not allow me to create an .xp3 by dragging the folder to the program window. just don't create a new data.xp3 or patch.xp3 for me Will they know a solution? The game in question is this https://vndb.org/v11073 Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, I am working on the Spanish translation of psp OREIMO, I am currently fine with the scripts and story images, but I am stuck in one part. It turns out that I cannot find the location of the scripts / images where the "Ore list" is located, since it is not in the same location of the "RES.dat" where everything else mentioned is, if someone could guide me I would appreciate it.
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