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  1. You don't. If you've purchased the New Edition as you indicate then you're morally in the clear to "Obtain" the old version as far as most reasonable people would be concerned.
  2. Dunno the New Edition uses pfs (Artemis Engine) instead of the usual arc (BGI/Ethornell Engine) format and is tied to DMM DRM (DMM GamePlayer). Depends on which version it's for. https://github.com/morkt/GARbro can be used to edit the contents of a pfs file.
  3. Thanks for the your input and the threads you've linked. To be honest, it's not really something I've considered given the fact that it wouldn't be a donation for the translation, but a gift as an acknowledgment of a personal goal being met, but I take your point seriously. Perhaps it would be safe to put it this way: I will not be giving any money for this project whatsoever, that being said I'm happy for eplipswich to message me and I'll offer my strong words of congratulations once it's all done. No cause for complaint if we're doing it that way.
  4. That's great, hopefully we can get even more people involved. On your "bribe" comment, I think we're on the same side here, no need to throw shade. It's nice to have something to work towards, this is especially true when the goal is eplipswich's own hoped target to begin with. That's $200 USD now! Any more people want to get involved? It doesn't have to be as much as $100, it all adds up.
  5. Hello there, I'm an interested lurker, I'm sure this applies to myriad people who frequent this forum without registering, but I've noticed that both the TL and Editing have both been completed now, that's a pretty fantastic effort. A little incentive assuming you're interested - in the event that you do manage to get this project completed and released before the New Year I'll gift $100 (US) to the Paypal account of your choosing. Should this occur you may send me a direct message here on Fuwanovel to work out the details, how this is split amongst your team will be a matter for you guys to decide. Assuming you're open to it, perhaps some others might want to do the same considering the effort put into this project, but either way, my offer stands. Dark
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