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  1. VNR nowadays still works fine, but what do you guys think about it's translation? I have it on google dictionary, and it's kinda like really bad LOL do you guys use some sort of different translations for better dialogue translations~?
  2. Ahh okk, thank you! Uhm, where is the Scene recovery *Available after finishing Kirika’s route Start game with info inherited (flowchart) Go to Find Moemi? Go see Senpai Sakuraba. Is it in the main storyline or in the extra menu's? Since I can't find it or i'm blind lol Well I went through moemi's route, but it just doesn't make sense, shouldn't it have been more of a deeper storyline, than just like 7 different messages within the storyline of moemi? Wasn't in one of the ''garden episodes'' it was said there's going to be a story koko/moemi being in trou
  3. Uhh the " Dont Go Anywhere route" gave me access to kirika's, what gives to koko's though? I think you confused those two Tried going after kirika's route, but it doesn't seem effective
  4. Edit: Got it, sry about the trouble owo
  5. Hi everyone~ (I don't know if this is the place to ask for these kinds of things,but) I've started playing hakoniwa logic, (yeah the translation is not good,but imo better than not being translated at all ._.), but I for some reason cannot go further in the game when I need the keys. The game said about needing keys and meanwhile you get them by playing the "side characters" stories. But i've finished them all, yet the game still demands me to get the keys. As you can see I've finished all the stories, but kirika's and koko's. But I can't go on. Perhaps anyone knows a solution? Thank you!
  6. Does it translates better than VNR, or they're kinda all the same? I just finished sakura no mori dreamers and prolly sequel isn't going to be translated in the next 4years or so lol, so was just curious
  7. Sorry for bringing it again, but wdym textractor? Using another program for vns?
  8. https://gyazo.com/e8cdded466b02f4eadeccbb16c16f652 Legit haven't done anything, just reinstalled, seems to be working(?) Thanks for the help tho! I'll try running as administrator next time when it doesn't work as intended >3 I think my game wizzard on the platform is bugged out, but the program instantly found the game so I didin't need to put it in my game wizz, so I hope it'll be okay with the future games aswell!
  9. Hello, i've been using VNR for over a month. And i liked it. But i changed the games text style by accident and the VNR doesn't want to open anymore. I tried to reinstall the game didin't work. I tried re-installing the whole VNR... Somehow the game wizzard pops up, but at the ''finish'' to register the game on the spring box it just lags out and turns off by itself... I really really really really really pray, beg for anyone's help because i'm desperate and I don't know what to do at this point.. I've read so many problems, but somehow for everyone it atleast works to register to the game wiz
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