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  1. good luck. If nothing else works, PM me and I could zip the data.xp3 to you and see if that'd work.
  2. Hmm. If the patch.xp3 works then you shouldn't have any problems... I just looked into the scripts and it does seem they've retained the useArchiveIfExists function. But for whatever reason, the AppConfig.tjs isn't being overwritten within the addtional archive. Might be because of archive load order, AppConfig.tjs only loaded on initialize, or just how kirikiri is set up to handle that particular file. I'd say your best (easist) bet would be just unpack the original data.xp3, change AppConfig.tjs, and repack. If Garbro is throwing you an error then that's on your end, because I'm able
  3. I see you've packed it into patch.xp3. But within the original game scripts, nothing is telling the exe to read your patch.xp3 on initialization. Either pack it into data.xp3 itself, or change scripts to tell the game what additional archive to load.
  4. Yes. Just a simple Garbro repack ver.2 xp3 with no encryption specified. MEGA Link for the tjs.
  5. The line you're looking for should be in AppConfig.tjs under root of data.xp3.
  6. It is a valid concern. While I'm tempted to say that I'm doing this for my sake and don't really care either way, the truth is I didn't think about it that much. I am trying to expand my knowledge on hacking all kinds of VNs from different producers, mostly out of curiosity and too much spare time given by the corona, so I'm learning something in that respect regardless. Definitely something I'll keep in mind in the future though, thanks for the heads up.
  7. Hi yall, I'm trying to set up Hime to Aiyoku no Sacrifice for translation, using GARbro and Escude Editor. So far, I've been able to get the UI and scene scripts working in game. But for the life of me I can't seem to change the character names. The only complete list of names I could find is on z_sample.bin under script.bin, (Found another one, update below) But sadly, changing the names here doesn't seem to work. Looking through the engine configs and scripts, I noticed the games seem to use some sort of NAME IDs as flags, but Escude Edi
  8. Ok, so just finished editing all of the UI elements provided in the patch. Below are a comprehensive list of notes about some of the changes/improvements I made. First of all, like I mentioned before, almost all of the PNGs were exported with dirty transparencies. So what I did was simply layering back in the orignal PNGs, clip the translated ones, and finally restore the original said transparencies. Below are some examples: Second, many of the translated exports have a lower bit-depth than the orignal. Although no visible differnces were observed in game, I've restored the ori
  9. Sounds good, but seeing there are dozens of these, might take me a few days to finish. But I'll keep you posted.
  10. Really? You can't see the white parts/dirty edit around the first image? Here's perhaps a better example: Mayby this doesn't bother you, but I never could stand little things like this
  11. Y'all still need someone to do some Image Editing? I could help pretty regularly. Below are one of my most recent work on (エデンズリッター 淫悦の聖魔騎士ルシフェル編) Let me know~
  12. I did a quick search in the thread, haven't found anyone mentioning this but: Is there a technical reason why most of the UI Icons are dirty? I looked through the original game archives and it seemed that they all retain transparency normally. Dirty pngs bother me to no end, so I couldn't help but clean them myself. And I've edited quite a few others. If there's no way to restore the transparencies on your end, with your original working documents that is, I could just help slowly edit each one of them back. Let me know.
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