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  1. Sigh, now the visual novel fans are kinda messed up, rather than telling in a kind way, now the "Senior" is always make fun of the new fans (Especially new fans who doesn't trully understand japanese) I know MTL is bad, but it don't mean you can mock make, just tell them in a good way then they will understand. This is why visual novel fans are not growing fast
  2. I'm sorry, but i think too many member or translator with different use of languange and different way of writing, will make it harder for the TL or QC team. You should reduce it for more serious member
  3. Do you have any information any more information on your project? do you make it to english or indonesian? I think i can help you find some member if you want
  4. 1. Better stay with japanese honorifics 2. This one is okay with Onii-chan or big brother 3. Depens on the context 4. I prefer stay with the original order, because its a name 5. Its okay, if the context or meaning not truly changed 6. Same with 5 7, This one is really hard, better use liberal coz not anyone understand japanese pun
  5. Can you try Tactic engine like this one? https://vndb.org/v12603
  6. Press Ctrl + A so and right click on "..." then create archive
  7. Nah, its okay ... garbro and hexeditor says its "Tactics Arc File" and i don't found and tips to unpack it anywhere. Better try other visual novel
  8. Try this Converting any image file back to .tlg file - Fan Translation Discussion - Fuwanovel Forums
  9. Si i'm trying to unpack file from "Innocent bullet the false world",, and i think the engine is siglus engine .... When i open the arc file with garbro it worls fine, but the file for translate text is .bin and i don't know how to unpack or open with. I already try with this GitHub - marcussacana/SiglusSceneManager: A C# Version of translation tool for SiglusEngine and somehow not working Example: I really appreciate if you guys can help me, thanks
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