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  1. I think mostly "fanTL group" is choosing what they want to translate rather than by popularity.
  2. First of all, I would like to thank all the fuwanovel members who helped me with my previous question. So far, because of all your help, the translation that my team is doing is nearly complete Now I am preparing to translate next visual novel using AmuseCraft engine Extracting the pac text file, I have successfully used Marcus Tools but unfortunately I had problems trying to extract the PGD File (Image) extension I tried using PGD2PNG and PNG2PGD from Niflheim. unfortunately I don't really understand how to use these tools ... "PNG.H no such file or directory exist" Is there any other way to extract the file or maybe someone understands how to use it? Thanks, Gilang
  3. HOLY MOTHER OF ... THANKS FRANK and sorry for my late respomse ... now i can fix all file to be translated Really Thanks for your help
  4. I'm gonna find a way to repack my data.xp3 and will give the update soon.... thank you for your help
  5. i have tried to repack all data.xp3 to my own data.xp3 but garbro keep telling me no bgm001 in the folder but it was there... also patch.xp3 works fine if i use it for scn file and ui psd file....... can you tell me to make the game read my appconfig in the patch.xp3 script to read it ?
  6. I just tried your tjs file and repack it with garbro to patch.xp3 and nothing happend how did you repack it
  7. WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT HOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW how did you do that... i already edit appconfig.tjs file but nothing happend... do you use garbro to extract and pack the .tjs file ? and what encryption did you use? can you send me the file PLZZZZ... btw thanks for the reply
  8. I have tried find "title" tag in the scenario folder but still no luck also i'm editing system.title to my text and not hing happens tried finding with the VN title but nothing can be found
  9. Thanks for your reply again. Still not changed.... i will try to check file 1 per 1, if you guys know where it was please tell me
  10. Hi there, thanks for your reply.... i see config.tjs but there is no vn tiitle there..... and for system.title i also not found it
  11. Hello guys, I'm just joined this forum today after 5th try to sign up xD Currently i and my team is translating visual novel called "kanojo no seiiki" to our languange and its goes smoothly. But when i'm trying to edit The Title bar in the appconfig.tjs it does nothing and not working. do you guys know how to edit this title bar or i missing something else ? Thanks, Gilang4321
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