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  1. Thanks Nanashi3, you are right that there is no need to repack them (and extract either), I had no idea. Renaming the files from .dat to .wmv and back is all there is to it. Maybe someone else who hates the "animation" of h-scenes in "The Most Forbidden Love in The World (Damekoi)" as much as I do will find this info useful. If you want to get rid of it, replace these files: "M_A_EV001_C_A.dat" , "M_A_EV001_D_B.dat",...(there is a lot of them) in the main folder. They are all .wmv videos with those horrible animations, so just create new .wmv files with still images instead and rename their extension from .wmv to .dat, and replace the original files with them. You can extract the still images from Chip3.arc, and the relevant image for each video can be easily identified by their name, as they share the same scene number (and first letter of each girl). That way you can mechanicaly fix all the scenes without looking at the pictures and videos (no spoilers!).
  2. Hi, does anyone know how to repack .dat files for "The Most Forbidden Love in The World (Damekoi)"? I unpacked them using "ExtractData English v1.20" from TLWiki, got .wmv files, but I have no idea how to repack them, as the tool doesnt offer such option. I'd like to make some changes then repack them back as .dat. Any help would be much appreciated!
  3. Thanks mate, you saved me! It didn't cross my mind to try the other versions when I previously found out the archive link to the newest one isn't working. Considering how much hours I've spent googling and trying of different arc tools, this is really emabarassing. Anyway, I just finished editing the files and the game is so much better with background music actually being in the background! Once again thank you!
  4. Is there any good soul that still has this "Yuno_arctools" and could reupload it somewhere? The link is not working and I'm not able to google it anywhere else. I'm trying to extract music.arc from this game to turn down BGM volume a bit (because it drowns out voice overs) with no luck for the last two days and I would much appreciate any help.
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