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  1. Data extraction thread

    Solved with latest GARro Thank you.
  2. Data extraction thread

    Hi, How to extract sprites files from Kanojo to Ore to Koibito to.? Seems using e-mote engine. Can't extract .dat and .psp files both GARbro and arc_unpacker. Any solution? Here sample files. I'm working on VN extraction. Thank you :3
  3. Data extraction thread

    Hm.. I think I've already extracted the Forest Fortress, using GARbro. .dat files have a lot of version :/ But I prefer VN than hentai games, haha. I just need that sprites for drawing reference XD
  4. Data extraction thread

    Sure! You're welcome. Waiting good news from you XD Ah, do you know other games than Hello,good-bye which using Unity Engine VN?
  5. Data extraction thread

    Using this tool, http://dnrv2.cyriaca.net/makuta/projects/hello/hate2.exe How to use, Open CMD on hate2 folder Then type: hate2 "input file" "output folder" (without quotes) hate2 X:\img.dat X:\img (example) And voila! Nb: maybe you need turn off your antivirus, in some case, they treat as fake detection. Good luck!
  6. Data extraction thread

    English release. Yeah, I know that method. But seems GARbro failed to decrypt :/ And finally I know the way to extract .dat files from unity engine, haha
  7. Data extraction thread

    Yeah, you're right. Seems no one watching here :/ Also, I have problem with .war files from Sorcery Jokers. GARbro can read, but always invalid data. Any solution? Sample file here
  8. Data extraction thread

    Hello everyone! Do anyone know how to extract .dat files from Hello,good-bye? Just try using GARbro and arc_unpacker and no luck I think they used Unity Engine VN. Anyone can help me? Thank you in advance. Here sample file.
  9. Data extraction thread

    Yep. I just want sprites and CG from that game. ============================================================================= Okay next question. Do anyone know how to extract/open/convert .psz file (from Nekopara vol. 3)? Anyone can help me? Here for sample file http://www.mediafire.com/file/990e1y480wr09yz/ca01_l_body_1.psz/file Thank you in advance.
  10. Data extraction thread

    Ah yes. Here that screenshoot. Update: Successfully to extract regular Maitetsu. But I got that error when extract from demosaic patch.
  11. Data extraction thread

    Hii~ Trying to extract *.xp3 from Maitetsu using GARbro with archive parameters Maitetsu [English] but didn't work, always says invalid the format :/ I just want to save that sprites. Any solution? Thanks.
  12. Hii~ How to extract this game? I try using GARbro and no luck, invalid the format I want extract sprites. Any solution? Thank you.