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  1. hello everyone, so im just finished watching mikakunin de shinkoukei and looking for series that have similar "feeling". a bit of a backstory, i was an enthusiast anime watcher until i found manga,ln and vn. it's been almost 3 months i've been trying to watch or rewatch anime from highly praised FMA to random stuff like girl und panzer but none of them make me sit still for one episode without trying to skim watching them. and when i was chatting in discord, i found someone use mashiro emote and i just thought i should watch this series. so i did. and its beautiful in my eyes.  i honestly cant explain perfectly what made me hooked into it, clearly not the arranged married setting, nor the high school setting, the romcom genre or the average plot. "Good pacing" is the best i can do. i know it sounded weird but i hope there is someone can relate with this. :badnicoman:

  2. 1 hour ago, adamstan said:

    If I have time, then it can be even up to 4-5 hours a day. Basically, if I start reading, it's hard to stop ;) But on the other hand there are also days when I don't play/read at all, since there are also other things I want or need to do.

    I like when VN has some kind of "chapters" or something, as that makes it easier to stop after reaching such breakpoint :)

    there is definitely days when i dont want to play too :lol:

  3. I wonder how i can explain this but i want a school life visual novel with abnormal rules,power,etc. Think something like Majikoi. I'm not into sci-fi though so robot and stuffs is out of the question. Good art and likable characters is a plus, but good main or true route is a must. i'm fine with anything as long as it has things i listed above. thanks for replying. big boobs is a plus too

  4. 48 minutes ago, Plk_Lesiak said:

    If you like otome a lot? :P

    TBH, I think Switch is much better investment long-term, considering that many developers try to get access to the giant payerbase it offers. And considering Sony's shift to removing eroge from their platforms, suddenly Nintendo might be the more open-minded of those two companies (what has this world came to... :isla:).

    switch is out of my budget and i dont really have money to buy visual novel, maybe gonna considering it first

  5. 3 hours ago, Clephas said:

    It's not a primarily romance VN, but Narita Shinri in Hello Lady is about as poetic as you can get for a protagonist.  The girls fight falling in love with him, but they generally have good reason for it (with the possible exception of Eru). 

    Otome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas... the protagonist is articulate, and the heroines have good reasons for falling for him.  However, he is also a trap.

    Tenshi no Hane o Fumanaide... The heroines generally have a good reason for falling for him, and he is pretty articulate.  However, yet again, he is a trap.   (for some reason, trap protagonists in mostly serious games tend to be more articulate than the average protagonist, probably because they have to take care with their speech)

    Edit: tbh, most straight SOL game protagonists just aren't articulate... lots of airheads and barely human people.  Tsukommi protagonists are more likely to be articulate, but those were the three I thought of off the top of my head. 


    hmm maybe gonna try Hello Lady since i dont really like trap, thanks for your reply

  6. So i want a mc that actually know how to talk and has good quote or poetic, and not getting embarrassed by anything. And i want the heroine to have a "reason" to like our mc since im getting sick with harem girls. Any genre should work but no gore and horror please. Thank you 

  7. Just finished reading it and really liked it especially the art. I'm just starting to read visual novel so i haven't read much but i really like this one. any vn with art like this? majikoi and this maybe a good example for type of art i liked. The story not need to be so good, as long as the art is good, i will go with it and please make sure it's on english. here is my list if you want to check it 
    Thanks for any answer appreciated it.

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