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  1. Sengoku Rance : Can't save

    yep it's all good now it can't be saved right from the start and i didn't know that tnx for everything!!
  2. Sengoku Rance : Can't save

    I've tested in both in the middle of a fight and in normal though
  3. Sengoku Rance : Can't save

    Yep that's exactly what i'm saying
  4. Sengoku Rance : Can't save

    nop. I'm not seeding it
  5. Sengoku Rance : Can't save

    there's no "save" under "system". "Save" is under the menu but i can't click that save. And the img I shared is from dropbox that I uploaded. I don't know why it's broken
  6. Is there anyone who knows how to save in Sengoku Rance?? I can't even click the save button. I did change the locale to Jap though.
  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Question : Following a topic (SOLVED)

    ok, It's alright tnx
  9. If I follow a topic, I could see notifications if there are any comments or changes in that topic, right? But I don't really get any notifications even though I followed some topics. Is there any problems or it's just I don't understand?
  10. Greetings brethrens

    WoW!! Sugoi!! U r hardcore anime fan. LoL!! Nice to meet ya!! btw, me too!! I wanna play eroge but those I wanted to play r in Jap
  11. 1) Actually, I'm not really into Immoto type (I just watched "Oreimo" without knowing it was siscon anime, LOL) I prefer Tsudere type 2) I think it's alright as everyone has his/her own preferences
  12. Hi!

  13. Animated PC game

    yes, i also like rpg. Is there any?
  14. Animated PC game

    yeah. I don't mind if it's hentai or whatever. I'm also hentai (not as bad as Essei in High School DxD) I want anime-styled games