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    ohiowar reacted to Kaguya for a blog entry, Touhou Characters #3 - Saigyouji Yuyuko   
    If you wonder why I'm covering her now, it's because I realized that before writing about Sanae, Youmu, Sakuya and Reisen I'll have to cover their superiors... And while doing the Scarlet sisters first would make the most sense, Yuyuko is too interesting for me not to write about her first.

    Yuyuko is the 1000-years old ghostly master of the Hakugyokurou- the shrine that overlooks the netherworld. As its mistress, she's has absolute authority over the world of the dead, and is amongst the most powerful beings in the touhou universe- with the ability to instantly kill anything that lives. When killed by this ability, humans will bypass judgment and their souls will be sent to the netherworld, regardless of how saintly or evil they were in life. 
    Her soul is unable to enter the cycle of reincarnation, as it- and her body- are currently being used as a seal on a powerful and evil youkai tree, the Saigyouji Ayakashi, that lies in the gardens of the Hakugyokurou. In life, she commited suicide for the sake of sealing that tree. She has forgotten about her exact cause of death... And, ironically, she was the perpetrator behind the events of Perfect Cherry Blossom, where she tried to revive the Ayakashi. 
    Many touhou characters boast a very long lifespan, but even amongst the ones that have lived for thousands of years, she's known to be one of the wisest- and one of the best at hiding that too- she shows a playful, good-humored, whimsical personality, but truthfully, she always knows exactly what's happening, always giving cryptic hints to her servant, the straightfroward katana-wielding half-ghost garderner, Konpaku Youmu, one of the protagonists we'll be covering soon.
    In serious works, she's used as a cunning, powerful, wise being with a terrifying power that's an unpredictable wild card. She's not human or youkai- and that shouldn't be forgotten. She's a ghost. And if gensokyo were to crumble to dust, well, it wouldn't particularly concern her now, would it? 
    In comedic works, she's a hungry ghost that eats everything, including other characters. Because maymays. 
    And I leave you with a song about Yuyuko from C-Clays. Look forward to the post on Youmu!
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    ohiowar reacted to Kaguya for a blog entry, Touhou Lore #1 - Gensokyo's Origins   
    So, touhou. It's a bullet hell game series that happens in a feudal-japan-like land named 幻想郷 (Gensokyo- Roughly "Land of illusion"). 
    Gensokyo's is a sealed-off, haunted area of Japan that went missing several millenia ago. It is estimated that the region is sealed off because the youkai that lived there had a reign of terror over japan, and brave human expeditions constantly tried to exorcise and anihilate them. The vicious battles could have lasted from months to decades, but what is known is that they ended with the creation of the Hakurei Shrine there, who made a barrier that completely took the land off the map, and no one can enter, leave or see the place.
    Ever since the creation of the hakurei barrier, the only gateway to the common world has been the hakurei shrine, isolated amongst several mountains. While leaving to the human world is virtually impossible for any Gensokyo resident (a few extremely rare exceptions aside), it's relatively easy for powerful beings to access other lands which aren't part of Gensokyo, like Higan, Makai, the Netherworld and a few others...
    Gensokyo's population consists mainly of youkai, but there's a human settlement in the land as well. Most youkai are known to eat humans regularly- they are also all significantly stronger and live much longer, with their lifespans often reaching millenia. 
    To know more about youkai I would suggest reading the Youkai article in Perfect Momento in Strict Sense, which will explain them with some detail. 
    This is somewhat outdated/wrong, but here's a map of Gensokyo, which I will expand on further in another episode of touhou lore, where I examine geographic locations in-depth. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments, if you have any.

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    ohiowar reacted to Rose for a blog entry, Threads you should check out - Week #11&12   
    The following list only contains threads made from May 23 to June 06, any older thread will be placed under the "Updated" banner if new relevant content is added to it.

    If you don't know how the list works, please check the project

    Week #11 and #12 are being put together due to the project being reworked and a failure from my part when managing how long it would take.


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