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  1. I did the minigame for the first time and I scored awful but thankfully in the option there's a easy mode, I'll stick with it because I really playing the songs. Anyway when I heard that a character is named Torta I laughed till my stomach ached ???
  2. Really great art in this topic, all of you are so talented!
  3. Great, thank you alll for the reccomendations, I put all the names in my list to play and I think I'll start with Tsukihime and then move onto Rewrite or Hanachirasu! Clephas, that are very temptative reason to learn japanese but at the moment I'm trying to master german, so japanese'll have to wait for now : (
  4. Hello Fuwa! As the title suggest, I'm looking for a good action visual novel, translated because, sadly I don't know japanese : (. Of the genre I've already read: Fate/Stay night, Ayakashibito and Comyu. Any suggestion is really welcome!
  5. Thanks again for the welcomes! And thanks for the moe too, although Ilya is a pretty cool character, I've completely fall in love with Rin .
  6. At the time I didn't know what a visual novel was, but I played Ace Attorney, thinking it was some sort of Graphic adventure. My first real VN was Majikoi.
  7. Hi, I would like to join this club as well, if I can. I voted for Symphonic Rain because I have heard very good things about it and because the setting apparently is in a city of italian heritage and, as an italian, I would like to see how they structured too. Also I always found music in visual novel to be a very important part of the experience, so a novel about it sounds very interesting.
  8. Thank you for your kind welcome! Nice to meet you all. As per the question: currently I'm reading Fate/Stay Night, the heaven's feel ruote and as of now, this is the Vn I enjoyed (and enjoying) the most right now. Rin best girl IMHO .
  9. Hello, nice to meet you all. My nickname is Ehre and I am fairly new to the world of visual novels, having been introduced by a friend of mine this April. Since then I've read 7 or 8 visual novels, the first one being Maji de Watashi ni Koishinai. I hope to get along with all of you, make new acquaintances and have nice talks.
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