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  1. And the TL team said, "Let there be Majikoi." And they came to see that it was good. Thank you guys so very much for the hard work and the wonderful gift. May we all cry many tears of joy on this day.
  2. Looks like he's speedrunning Half-Minute Hero 2. Interesting.
  3. Let's not start a fire now and derail the thread anymore.
  4. I'm sure that if the project was canceled, the TL team would have had the decency to at least inform us, rather than just up and poof. *cough* Wairu *cough*
  5. Happy New Year to all and best wishes to everyone on the TL team! I gotta admit, I was half expecting you guys to surprise everyone with the patch release like "Happy New Year, asshats! Here's your A-1." But obviously, that's not the case lol. Anyway, thank you all for the hard work. Keep it up!
  6. This group (Maji Translations) has a Wordpress of its own where they have the current status of the project. It seems all that's left is the Azumi route.
  7. Conman... you, sir, are a saint. Your dedication to this project is amazing, having stuck with it for as long as you have. Many kudos to you. I have to ask: Do you plan on translating Another Days (the VN, not the anime) as well? I believe I asked this on gemot forum a while back before it went down, but never got an answer. If you don't, I completely understand. After having translated a monster of a VN (alone at that), you deserve a much needed break.
  8. I've got my locale set to Japanese, but i still can't install.
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