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    Wow, I've missed my second Fuwanniversary. So, holy crap, two years already? It's a strange thing, because it feels like I've joined just a few months ago, and at the same time I can't quite remember what I was doing before I went turbo weeb and found my way to grinding VNs all the time. It's just so obvious that I'm reading all this pseudo-Japanese stuff and writing about it... Not that I need to know. There's no going back now.
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    Today's mood: watching videos of Japanese girls with anime avatars barfing during livestreams, interchangeable with videos of Haachama cooking clearly inedible food and then actually eating it. I'm not completely sure how I got here but I blame @Emi.
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    You know, The Sims predicted that I'd piss my pants as an adult far more often than I actually do, so I guess you could say I'm pretty successful.
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    "Are you sure you want to permanently delete your browsing history?" yes, Firefox, we've already been through this like three times today.
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    I like how my most recent "Santa Hats for your Avatars" thread is currently pinned in the Member's Lounge.
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    Hi! Just wanted to thank you and your team for translating Kami no Rhapsody! Looking forward to the translation of Fuukan no Grasesta (Read through some posts that it would be the next project, not sure if it's true). I might be overstepping my bounds, but I think having a website to publish your projects and progress would be great, though a forum on Fuwanovel isn't that bad too. Anyway, thanks again a lot for your hard work! Have a great day and be safe.
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    @MaggieROBOT WHERE IS MY "Maggie's #1 fan" PROFILE BADGE
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    shredded potatoes

    shredded potatoes
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    lets see how big this will become

    lets see how big this will become
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    @Fiddle when is the yearly xmas hat thing happening this year?
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    I used to be a hypochondriac. Then I learned what hypochondria is, and I was like "oh no, maybe I have that," and I was cured.
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    will be writing out years with a comma (e.g. 2,020) from now on because they have more than three digits
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    Moths are just butterflies that we've collectively decided are too ugly to be called butterflies.
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    I once received a credit card deal for 10% cash back on any Dunkin' Donuts purchase, with the fine text stipulating that the maximum cash back amount was $30. This implies that they were expecting at least one person to purchase $300 of Dunkin' Donuts in one order.
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    green m&m rule 34

    green m&m rule 34
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    Cap'n Crunch's "Oops" All Berries cereal was released in 1997 and has now been in stores for about a decade uninterrupted. Contrary to what they keep telling you, I'm starting to think it isn't such an "accident" that it's all berries.
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    All websites that make their own ctrl+F function that overrides your browser's ctrl+F function are hereby banned.
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    Girl... I don't think that's the issue here...
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    I'm on number 3 today. On which are you?
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    Mr Poltroon

    Woo-hoo stalkers!

    Woo-hoo stalkers!
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    It feels weird logging back into my Fuwa account, we'll see how this goes.
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    I don't know what these dots above my name mean, but I have 8, which is objectively the best number of dots to have, and all of you should be jealous.
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    Oh, would you look at the time? NO LONGER CHRISTMAS TIME. I.E., TIME TO SWITCH YOUR AVATAR BACK.
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