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Summer x Connect Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (19/05/2024)

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and because we have Amanatsu released I made a parody of Pure x Connect opening song title (Because Amanatsu writer wrote Pure x Connect), Snow x Connect, by changing 'Snow' into 'Summer' (Translation notes: Natsu mean summer), so we have Summer x Connect as the title. As for this week, I can say it definitely more active than the last one, although at the other hand there are a number of redundant announcements along with both Mangagamer and Sekai essentially announced nothing back in Anime Central. On the other hand, we have Amanatsu release with the VN itself is the first translated Azarashi Soft full length VN. Overall, this week is an above average one and let's see what I can write in regard of it.

PQube did announce two Go-toubun VN (Summer Memories and Five Memories) with the five heroines in both VNs wore nice swimsuit with two different design, and more importantly it's to allow fans to chose whichever heroine they want in case they're not satisfied with Fuutaro's canon choice in the manga and anime. I want to say it's redundant because both VNs already have translations, although PQube has announce the PC version with the fan patch only available for Switch version so at least it's not fully redundant like Tsukihime Remake. Oh yes, it'll be available on Thursday (23rd) later. Visual Arts has two redundant announcements as well, Snow Globe (Switch version only and will be available on June 27th later) and Kanon. Yes, Kanon as is the very first KEY VN that allow them to be very successful like nowadays. I'm sure everyone already know the synopsis, so I'll just say there won't be sex scenes which honestly not really big deal anyway seeing it'll be support wide screen in exchange of it (That, and KEY sex scenes are not known for being good anyway). It's also will be available on Steam, so at least you didn't need to buy Switch to play Kanon.

Kagura Games released Forsaken Quartet, and no much to say other than feel free to try the VN if you're into post-apocalyptic world and didn't mind some NTR element. We also have two BL VNs got the exact release date, with those two VNs are Yuri Trap Garden (June 10th) and Nie no Machi (September 19th). Shiravune announced their new nukige, An Aunt After My Own Heart, with it telling the story on the MC will do anything to be together with her aunt, either by eloping or take her back after she being married (So beware of NTR). For the release, at most it'll be on December 31st later (ie sometimes on this year) and the VN won't be available on Steam because the build of it being rejected. Ninetail finally announced when the Kicstarter for Ragnarok begin, and it'll be on Wednesday (22nd) later.

Sekai announced Wagahigh FD in Anime Central, and while I can see why people want it at this rate I just want them to finished what they start with two other Madosoft VNs (Raspberry Cube and Hamidashi). Also if they just localize Wagahigh FD in Chinese only while announce it on Anime Central (ie English convention), it would leave the bad taste for some people who've been waiting for it. In any case, let's hope that Sekai still willing to have it in English despite I prefer them start to work on Hamidashi English version. Speaking of work, turned out they have worked on the QA for Nekonin ExHeart Spin with they aim to release it within this year. For fan translation, we have Ushieta is at 65.6% translated with Nagisa's route fully translated, Taima Seiko Alice is at 45% translated, Majikoi Ryouken After past three quarter (75.76%) translated, Akagoei 3 is at 71.24% edited along with 7.88% in QA, ChuSingura is at 44.51% translated, and Shinzou Translation secret project is at 64% translated.

Last but not the least, we have Amanatsu released by Shiravune. Like I say beforehand, Amanatsu have to share the same writer as Pure x Connect, which in extension has the same writer as translated Smee VNs (Fureraba, Makeover, Sugar Style, HaremKingdom), Hayase Yuu, so obviously we'll going to have a lot of comedy in Amanatsu. Amanatsu is also notable in that it's the first translated full length VN from Azarashi Soft, which if we remember so far we only have three short VNs when it come to translated Azarashi Soft VN. For Amanatsu, it's about the MC Haruto who have enough in the competitive atmosphere at the big city, so he escape to the rural village hoping for some change. Afterwards, he manage to find some enjoyment in his new place, especially with he get closer with three beautiful heroines. With Amanatsu see the translation, hopefully someday we may see Amakano being localize with Amakano itself is the most well known work from Azarashi Soft with the beautiful graphic, although Amanatsu graphic is beautiful enough. Go get Amanatsu if you're in the mood for comedy moege with beautiful art, and have fun.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

Edited by littleshogun


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