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Scent of Funeral Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (26/05/2024)

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and for the title since we have Biniku no Kaori released with its English title is Scent of Seductive Flesh along with Shinjuku Soumei released, I changed the word 'Seductive Flesh' into 'Funeral' with the word is from the kanji in Shinjuku Soumei Japanese title, so we have 'Scent of Funeral' as the title. As for this week, we have a number of releases. While it looks to be very good on paper, unfortunately those releases are not what I look forward into, but at least there's Biniku no Kaori which is worth to note as one of highest rate elf VNs on Erogamescape. Other than that, there's also Venus Blood Ragnarok KS with it already successful. Overall, this week is another above average one, and let's see what I can write in regard of it.

From fan translation, we have ChuSingura is at 45.26% translated, Taima Seiko Alice is at halfway translated, Akagoei 3 is at 73.77% edited, Akagoei FD is past three quarter (75.86%) in QA, Ushieta is at 69.8% translated with Yui 1 route is at 17.7% translated, and Shinzou Translation secret project is fully translated. We also have three releases from fan translation, with one of those is the aforementioned Biniku no Kaori. For the other two, those are Little Busters SS and Alice no Yakata. About Alice no Yakata, we most likely know it as the Staffs Corner segment which translated as Alice Mansion (Thus I'll call it as such) in most of Alicesoft VNs, and from what I understand the VN is the collection of side materials. For Little Busters SS, it's the episodic releases of Little Busters side stories. Oh yes, both VNs are not available on PC, but instead it available on the other platforms (Alice Mansion in PC 98 and Little Busters SS in Android and IOS).

We have Shinjuku Soumei released in last Friday, and from what I see it's about the MC who live in Shinjuku use his power of immortality to perform dangerous funeral with the help of a ghost girl. Another thing that I know it's been written by narcissu's writer and drawn by Nanairo Reincarnation artist, so at least the art should be good enough. There's also a review that state the translation is quite bad, so you may be keep in mind of that if you try the VN (Have fun though if you've been interested with it). Cherry Kiss did release their cosplayer nukige, and no much to say other than the heroine has usual big breast. PQube released two Gotoubun VNs, and if I may blunt I never had interest with the VN based on the anime franchise, but if you like Gotoubun anime and want to see more of the heroines, then you can try the VNs. Dramatic Create announce the exact release date for Meiji Tokyo Renka, with said date is October 3rd later.

Looks like this time Sekai is indeed serious with Wagahigh FD, and to show on how serious they are they list the current progress with it is at 15% translated. Also turned out they have the reason to mention Chiisana Kanojo progress back in Anime Central, and said reason is they have good progress on it with currently it's been almost fully translated at 95% translated along with at halfway edited. Ninetail started their Venus Blood Ragnarok on last Wednesday with the goal is 13.2 million yen, and currently they already gather more than 20 million yen which obviously mean it's another their successful KS. In case you want to help fund the KS, there will be time until June 19th. Oh yes, for the estimation release time, Ninetail list November 2025 although it may change later.

Last but not the least we have a fan decided to suddenly released Biniku no Kaori, and the VN itself is one of highest rated elf VN on Erogamescape. From what I can see, apparently it has some NTR, although from what I see on VNDB it has more than that, namely it has mystery genre. For the premise, we have Takuya who is the university student who want to earn money in order to traveling with his girlfriend. One day, after he decided to take tutoring job on Otoha as the way to get the money, he saw a hole that allow him to see the bedroom of Otoha's parents bedroom with he also see Otoha's mother do her hair. From there, he wonder on who made the hole and why the hole was created, and he start to investigate it. Like YU-NO, this game has point and click gameplay, so you may need the walkthrough to get through it. Go get Biniku no Kaori if you want some well known mystery VN from elf while you don't mind the NTR element, and have fun.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

Edited by littleshogun


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