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VN of the Month April 2024



Decent month both in quantity and quality. 
1project canvas ~Isekaijoucho Ikusei Keikaku~ project canvas 〜ヰ世界情緒育成計画〜 [240401] ENTERGRAM
Girl is scouted by an idol agency. So she decides to begin lessons in preparation for her debut as an idol.
Free release with single heroine. Would not even include if knew synopsis beforehand.
2. Altair Gou no Satsujin アルタイル号の殺人 [240411] orange inc.
Jupiter‘s fourth moon, Callisto—once the location of humanity’s most advanced research base. One day, “Zion Frontier,” as it was called, was struck by a mysterious explosion.
One year later, the fractured remains of the base are recovered by a manned ship called “Altair.” Among the remains was a frozen capsule containing the body of genius space engineer Zion Miller, and the android Flem nestled beside the capsule. And then there was Hope, the extraterrestrial life-form discovered in the Jupiter space.
A mysterious incident involving them and the crew soon occurs on-board the ship. Was this incident caused by the mysterious life-form? Or by the crew? With no means of escape, fear and suspicion spread throughout the ship…
All age Sci-Fi murder investigation mystery
3. Bishoujo Mangekyou Ibun - Yuki Onna 美少女万華鏡異聞 雪おんな  [240426] ωstar
Renfutsu Yukinoshin, a dedicated martial artist and expected successor of his dojo, faces a crushing defeat against a rival, leading him to seek solitude and self-improvement in the mountains. During a harsh winter, he encounters a small white critter in distress and finds himself in a life-threatening situation in his attempt to rescue it.
Yukinoshin's life takes an extraordinary turn when a beautiful and enigmatic woman appears, filling his once-ordinary existence with affection and a twist of fate. It marks the beginning of a new chapter of "Bishoujo Mangekyou", where love, passion, and the pleasure of the dream realm intertwine.
Embark on a journey through a world steeped in timeless history and witness the tapestry of reborn souls as they weave through this evolving tale once again.
It's from a popular animated series, so should have reviews in no time. I see it only as atmospheric nukige.
4. LOVEPICAL-POPPY! ラブピカルポッピー!  [240426] SMEE
One day, my house burned down. I was able to let my younger sister, Suzuka, who lived with me, stay at her school dormitory, but I was left with no job and no real place to live. Meanwhile, I was offered a job as a live-in caretaker of the girls' dormitory.
I could take care of my sister, have a roof over my head, and earn some money.
There's no way I would refuse!
So I jumped at the opportunity, and started helping out at a crepe café attached to the dormitory as well. Even though it is a lot of hard work, as long as I get paid, then I'm fine with it.
"An alluring girl who seems to know me in the past."
"An inexperienced group living younger sister."
"An attention-seeking monster woman."
"The dorm leader who secretly wants to be spoiled."
"An all-time carefree and laidback gyaru."
"A weary of living older sister."
Surrounded by girls with various personalities, but it's all right.
Because I will take care of everyone!!
A typical SMEE work, but closer to basics.
5. Shiniyuku Kishi, Isekai ni Hibiku Danmatsuma 死に逝く騎士、異世界に響く断末魔  [240426] Bug System 
The long-standing battle between humans and the demons was finally reaching its climax. In the moment when Ultina and the Demon King simultaneously unleashed their attacks, the world underwent a transformation at the hands of the superior races.
In an instant, the newly appeared youth of the superior races trampled over demons and humans alike, eventually even subduing the Demon King. Ultina, desperately trying to buy time to protect Rusha at least, was futile in her efforts, as Rusha was eventually discovered by the youth of the superior races.
In order to save Rusha, Ultina offered her own life.
"Please! I... don't care what happens to me! Cook me, burn me, do whatever you want! Just...!"
Upon hearing this plea, the youth of the superior races made a proposition.
"Can you do something other than that?"
"If you cook meals for us until we leave this world, we might consider letting you go."
Considering Rusha's safety, Ultina couldn't refuse this condition. If she could create dishes that satisfied the youth of the superior races, she might be able to survive. However, driven solely by her concern for the princess, Ultina overlooked one crucial detail.
Their meals were the "life" of this world—
Gritty gory prequel.

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It's quite surprising to see Bug System being active by creating the prequel for Shibikuzu, which I'll call it as Shibikuma, although I can only say they still get it when it come to making disturbing sex scenes. It's also surpring to see Bishoujo Mangekyou 6 after the last game was supposed to be the finale of the series, although I guess they want to start with new continuity (By the way I just find out the company share the same root as FAVORITE).

Anyway with two bigger release with nukige (Admittedly Bishoujo Mangekyou is quite well received) and Gears of Dragoon 3 has few role, I can only think of Lovepical Poppy as VN of the Month if you favor non-nukige VN. It's also Smee's new work after a while, and interestingly there's no Hayase Yuu as the writer although the director is still the same. Honestly speaking, no much that I can comment on this other than it has adult MC, blood related little sister heroine, and it was set in summer. As for who can localize it, obviously Nekonyan is the first company that we would think of, although Shiravune is also possible with them localized HaremKingdom.

That's all for what I can write in regard of April 2024 release.

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