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VN of the Month March 2024



Just three titles if don't count android exclusive and two fandiscs
1Macau Midnight Madness マカオ夜中の熱狂 [240321] Ume Softworks
Things are not going well for poor Mikayla. She was once a big tennis star, winning championships all over the world. Then one day, the magic left her, and she stopped winning games. Fast forward to the present day and Mikayla is now a tennis instructor for a posh country club outside London. Mikayla’s personal life isn’t going to well either. She and her wife have been fighting a lot and now her wife has asked for a divorce. Poor Mikayla is super depressed but then an opportunity of a lifetime presents itself. She is invited to play some exhibition games in Macau and there, she meets some lovely ladies, one of whom might become the love of her life.
“Macau Midnight Madness” is a Romantic Comedy Yuri Visual Novel and Dating Sim. Play as Mikayla as she goes to Macau to take part in a tennis exhibition game and ends up finding the woman of her dreams along the way.
Girls love dating SIM.
2. Delusional Mystery Adventure: Ultimate Jumbo Jet Murder Case 妄想推理アドベンチャー アルティメットジャンボジェット殺人事件  [240314] CyberStep, Inc.
The five ARUJAN members participate in a real-life werewolf game held on a luxurious airship soaring through the skies.
"You" are one of the viewers tuning in to the exciting livestream.
The members engage in a thrilling showdown, and seemed like the game would safely conclude with great excitement.
"■■■■■ is dead."
As the stream ends, "You" start fantasizing about the truth to the death based on the clues found during the livestream.
What possible end will "You" and the five ARUJAN members reach?"
Not a fan of closed space murders mystery investigation games.
3. Unravel trigger  アンラベル・トリガー  [240329] Archive
Within the buffer zone between the Karji Federation and the Willkar Empire, lies the Frost Special Neutral Zone. Despite being a successful tourist destination, due to the immigration of various races, it has become a place of endless incidents and conflicts as well.
Working as a detective for the Trigger Detective Agency, which is located within the Special Neutral Zone, is the protagonist Sakaki Kai.
He is searching for someone who went missing during the last war, his childhood friend Yuzuriha Saina――
Even though Saina has been seen several times in the area, he is still unable to trace her steps.
Meanwhile, on a hill overlooking the city, he meets a girl named Milli, reaching her hand towards the sky.
Just like Saina, lamenting the world full of constant conflicts, Milli wishes for peace.
And with this chance encounter, the fates of Kai, the Special Neutral Zone, and the world, are about to change drastically.
A story of overcoming the lost past and moving on to the future―― Here, it begins.
Complex world and realistic characters overshadow its minor flaws like some repeated lines and some similar characters.   

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Well out of all three VNs, obviously the VN of Month for March 2024 goes to Unravel Trigger. For the other two, Macau Midnight Madness could be an interesting GL VN only to have the developer using AI for the art, and Delusional Mystery Adventure developer use MTL to translate their VNs into several language. For Unravel Trigger itself, looks like it has nice plot setting like Ryuusei World Actor albeit with vampire, although it's interesting to note that both the director and the artist are worked together on Sousaku Kanojo even though the developer is one of Nexton's branch company instead of Akabei Soft 2 one (So hopefully we may have Shiravune localize Unravel Trigger in the future seeing now they have the licenses for several VNs from Nexton's branch company (One Remake, Suzukuri Karin, Amanatsu)).

That's all for what I can write in regard of March 2024 release.

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