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The Butterfly, the Magician and the Wardrobe Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (18/02/2024)

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as you can see we have a number of releases in this week so obviously this week is a very interesting one. Release wise, the most interesting one to me is obviously Irotoridori, although Nukitashi 2 release is also interesting on it's own. Other than the releases, Shiravune also shown to be quite aggressive in their announcements. Let's see what I can write in regard of this week, and I'll tell about the title in PS later.

For fan translation, this week we have Taima Seiko Alice is at 30% translated, ChuSingura is at 39.49% translated, and Akagoei 3 is fully translated along with 28.54% edited. Cherry Kiss also announced their newest nukige, in which the developer of the nukige decided to make the heroines breast as big as possible (Compared to the previous trap maid nukige). In case you want to try it, it'll be available in Saturday later. Almost forgot to mention that JAST also announce the exact release date for their high production value nukige, Sisters: Last Day of Summer, and the date is June 3rd later. Aksys did release one of their announcement, Death Mark 2, with the VN is also available on Steam (If only Aksys can also do the same for their otome VNs). For the VN itself, it's the continuation of the first Death Mark that was also localized by Aksys. Go get the VN if you want to see more Death Mark ever since you wait for it in 2018, and have fun.

Sekai finally reveal the progress for Nekonin ExHeart Spin, and both work are already past halfway with currently it's been at 60% translated along with 55% edited. They also finally released Nie no Hakoniwa, in which it's the first time Nekopara developer (ie Sayori) tried to make a horror mystery VN, and obviously Sayori show that she can still make good art despite that her role is the art director. That said, the VN also has some disturbing sex scenes, which to say is far more disturbing compared to Nekopara or Kara no Shoujo so much a certain someone said it almost rival Maggot Bait level of disturbing. For the VN itself, it's about the MC who was adopted into one of seven influential family in the isolated village is about to marry his step sister, and on their supposed happy day suddenly they are thrown into the nightmare. Go get Nie no Hakoniwa if you're curious on how Nekopara team can make horror VN, and have fun.

Since I mentioned Kara no Shoujo earlier, I should also mentioned that Shiravune is about to release the second game in June 30th at the latest. While it's quite interesting if not ironic on how Kara no Shoujo 2 was banned by Steam back when Mangagamer had the license of it, I can only say that it's redundant release despite it has prologue in which Innocent Grey usually only made it as the trial. Speaking of redundant release, we also have Shiravune announce Taimanin Yukikaze with them also will release it in June 30th at the latest. Shiravune also has one release with exact release date, and it's Criminal Border 2nd part with they'll release it on March 7th later. For Shiravune's release at this week, we have two. The first release is To Heart 2 Dungeon Traveler, in which it's the start of Aquaplus Dungeon Traveler series with the premise is some sort of To Heart 2 spin-off with the cast thrown into another world and must do the adventure as the RPG party. I don't know if it mean that someday we'll going to have To Heart 2 release by Shiravune or not, but at least I know it's the closest one when it come to To Heart 2 official release.

The biggest release from Shiravune on this week is obviously Nukitashi 2, in which it's more fitting to call it as sequel/fandisc with the closest comparison is Majikoi S (Has main story with after stories for each of the heroines). For the main story, it's about Junnosuke who is masturbate and thrown into another world with his former enemies (Three FS members), so obviously Junnosuke need to work together with his former enemies in order to go back to his world. Go get Nukitashi 2 if you want to play more of it, and have fun. Oh yes, I also should say that it's good to see Qruppo manage to have Nukitashi duology in English, which is an accomplishment compared to when Sol Press is almost ruin the chance to see first Nukitashi in English.

Last but not the least, we obviously have Irotoridori release, in which it's quite an ordeal to get it in English. To elaborate, it was started way back in 2012 with the translator has unfortunate health problem forcing him to stop the work after it's been at 91% translated. Some times after that, Akerou decided to work on this after he worked on Saku Saku, and obviously hoping that Sekai will pick it after they picked Hoshimemo. Then, Sol Press decided to pick this and they decided to do the Kickstarter because of the big scale of the project, only to have them failed to localize it. In 2022, finally Akerou (As Nekonyan CEO) manage to get the license to publish Irotoridori, and now we have it after 12 years of waiting. For the premise, it's about Yuuma who is a magician that has the healing power at the cost of his memories, and his life is about to get more busy after he save a girl who is falling down from the lighthouse. Go get Irotoridori if you've been waiting for 12 years, and have fun.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

PS - For the title, obviously I parodied the first part of Narnia Chronicle (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) with I changed 'Lion' into 'Butterfly' and 'Witch' into 'Magician'. The 'Magician' part is obvious enough with Yuuma himself is a magician with it is the synonym for the witch, while for 'Butterfly' it's because Nukitashi 2 opening parodied Digimon Adventure opening with the opening song title of Digimon Adventure is Butterfly sang by the late Koji Wada.

Edited by littleshogun


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