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Lycoris Struggle Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (04/02/2024)

Because we have Shuuen no Virche FD announced with the subtitle 'Epic:Lycoris' along with we have the exact release date for Tengoku Struggle, I combine both word so we have 'Lycoris Struggle' as this week VNTS Review title. Anyway, this week we have Aksys Games very active with they announced four new title at once, although unfortunately it's only for console. Another thing to note is obviously Aniplex finally make their big move in regard of Type Moon, in which they announced Fate/Stay Night Remaster to be available in English. Overall, I can say that this week is definitely far more interesting compared to the whole January, and so this week is an above average one bordering interesting. Let's see what I can write in regard of this week.

Cherry Kiss released their first BL VN (Or to exact it's usual VN with trap maid heroines), and nice to know they tried to branch out the demography. Visual Arts announced they'll release Lunaria on 22nd later, although there's no word if the PC version will also available at that date or not. Looks like Shinjuku Soumei staffs find out they did need to worked more on their VN, so they decided to delay the release from February to April 11th later. Idea Factory announced they'll localize Cupid Parasite FD, and they'll release it within this year. As we knew Aniplex has very big news with they announced they'll localize Fate/Stay Night. While technically it's the most interesting news, it should be noted that unlike Tsukihime Type-Moon didn't remake Fate, so basically this is a redundant release with they use PSV version (So no sex scenes), and even if one give the reason the old translation is very outdated there's more recent translation that translate majority of the VN. That said, if you want to purchase it, Aniplex will release it on this year, and it'll be available on both Switch and PC so good for Aniplex they did announce PC version of Fate directly (Unlike Tsukihime Remake).

Once again Aksys has four new title, although unfortunately it's only for console. Other than four new title, they also has Tengoku Struggle exact release date announcement (At April 4th later). For the four new title, those title are Shueen no Virche FD, Radiant Tale FD, Despera Drops, and Ihanashi no Majo. No comment of the FD besides that it seems to be quite substantial. For Despera Drops, it's about the female MC who got arrested because she was suspected in the murder case only to be freed when the vehicle who escorted her got the accident, and some bad guy tried to get the MC's unknown power. Ihanashi no Majo is about 16 years old boy who moved on to the remote island in Okinawa find out his grandfather who suppose to take care of him disappeared, and then the boy met the girl who call herself a witch. For the release time, Aksys will release Despera Drops in 2025 with the rest of the three title will be available in this year.

For fan translation, we have Akagoei 3 is at 91.14% translated along with almost a quarter (24.25%) edited, Shin Koihime Musou is at 70% edited, Taima Seiko Alice is at 20% translated, and ChuSingura is at 38.48% translated with Chapter 2 is at 65.09% translated. That's all for fan translation updates on this week.

Last but not the least, we have Shiravune announce the exact release date for Nukitashi 2, and said date will be on 16th later so yeah we'll going to have three releases at that date. Anyway for Nukitashi 2, it should be obvious that it's the sequel for the first glance, except not really because half of the contents is the after stories of Nukitashi 1 heroines so in a way it's more like fandisc, which perhaps I should calling it as sequel/fandisc with the VNs that fulfill the category are Grisaia no Meikyuu (And Rakuen) and Irotoridori no Hikari. Anyway for Nukitashi 2 main story, it's about Junnosuke who somehow thrown into another dimension together with his three former enemies (FS member) when he masturbate (Yes it happen all right), and the world is the opposite what Junnosuke tried to acheive in the prequel with he himself is the highest leader know as 'Sex Emperor'.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

Edited by littleshogun


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