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Sakura Goblin Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (31/12/2023)

Welcome to my last VNTS Review for 2023, and for the title since we'll going to have Sakura Succubus 8 release in January 15th later along with Goblin on the March release, I'd just combined both title so we have 'Sakura Goblin'. As for the last week of 2023, to be frank once again it's another plain one, although on the other hand there's some updates from Shiravune with JAST released something. Other than that, there's some updates in regard of Purple Software VNs, which to say are bigger than the release. Let's see what I can write in regard of it.

Looks like Nekonyan has some problem with Aoi Tori, especially with the Purple Software mention they'll took away the license if the release is not happening in April 2024, which to say is quite hairy situation for Nekonyan. So obviously Nekonyan has no choice except to cancel their plan to port the VN into Unity and use its original engine, which to say has quite a handful license cost (At least I can be sure there'll be no critic regarding removed feature like in Kunado Kokuki). That said, actually they already has some progress on working in the original engine with the QA work theoretically can be started right now, so maybe April release at the latest may be plausible if all goes well. Speaking of Purple Software, Shiravune announced part 2 of Criminal Border as expected (The link to the Steam store), and they'll release it in Q1 of 2024 (ie March 31st at the latest).

Turned out 2023 release for Koichoco is not happening, so obviously the release will happen sometimes in the future. Speaking of release, JAST did release Goblin on the March with the premise the MC is reincarnated as the goblin in the different world, and then he'll do his best to increase his kin by impregnating as much female as possible (Up to five heroines). While admittedly it has good looking graphic and gameplay, I'll just pass on this. Still, have fun if you're already playing it. Forgot to mention we'll going to have Konosuba VN release in 2024 later, although PQube not announced the exact date yet.

Shinzou Translation has working on another short VN, Nagi no Koi, with the permission from the developer. From what I can see in Japanese website, it has two male MC with each MC has relationship with each two heroines and has samurai setting. Other than that, they planned the release sometimes in 2024 and they already has some progress, with it currently has the script at 16% translated along with the assets has been 10% worked on (No idea if it mean the UI or picture when it come to assets). Last but not the least, we have Tsui no Sora Remake was fully translated and edited with the translator is moving on doing the QC work before finally release it, which according to the translator 'hopefully only take a couple months'.

That's all for my last VNTS Review in 2023, and see you next year.

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