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Trails to Radiant Season Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (24/12/2023)

Welcome to this week VNTS Review. For the title, because we have Animal Trail 2 release along with One Remake, I decided to make another parody of Trails game by combining 'Trails' from Animal Trail 2 along with 'Radiant Season' from translated subtitle of original One (To the Radiant Season), so we have 'Trails to Radiant Season' as the title. As for this week, honestly to be blunt it's quite plain, especially compared to the last weeks. That said, with several companies have some announcements in the last week, perhaps they took some times to rest. Anyway, let's see what I can write in this Christmas week.

Unlike few last weeks when Shiravune has more than one updates, this time they only has exactly one update, namely One Remake release. Admittedly it has upgraded graphic that's up to par with newer VN along with new VAs and nice opening song, so at the first glance it's worth to pick up. That said, like YU-NO story wise it's the same, so obviously the story may not up to what we consume nowadays, especially if we compared it to modern KEY VN (I mention KEY because One is the predecessor of Kanon with Kanon itself is the very successful KEY VN). If anything else, the artist (Itaru Hinoue) drawing is far better compared to when she drew Koropukkur. Oh yes, there's no sex scenes in there, so if you prefer the older art and somehow want to see the sex scene then obviously the remake is redundant one. For the premise, it's about Kouhei who grieve from his older sister death start visiting the Eternal World with the people around him start to forget him, and in order to escape the Eternal World Kouhei must have strong bond with someone else. Go get One Remake if you're curious about old VN by KEY main staffs and prefer the newer graphic, and have fun.

Sekai did release Animal Trail 2, and at least the VN has good looking graphic. For the premise, it's about Taiga became the manager of his favorite underground idol group who secretly magical girl, and in Animal Trail 2 Taiga will get close with the remaining girls who back in the prequel are just supporting characters. Go get Animal Trails 2 if you want to see more magical girl VN. Sekai also has Sheol trial released back in yesterday, and they already edited a quarter of the full game. JAST has new release on 29th later, and said release is Goblin on the March that they've announced at AX 2023.

From fan translation, we have Kusarihime is fully edited and ChuSingura is at 35.8% translated with the translator is already finished a little more than half of second route (Horiibe Yasube chapter). Lastly, we have Tsuma Netori full translation patch released, and for the VN itself it's about the female teacher Makoto who keep suffering the sexual assault in her school. Makoto tried her best to protect her family by keep silent about the assault, although it only matter of time before Makoto enjoying the sexual assault and betray her husband. Go get Tsuma Netori if you want some NTR VN, and have fun.

That's all for what I can write in regard of it, and Merry Christmas. See you next week, or maybe in the next year.

Edited by littleshogun


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