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Sakura-iro Patissiere Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (17/09/2023)

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title because we have the update from Ginharu in regard of Yuzuki's route along with H2O release that also has the initial SCA-DI version of Sakura no Uta, I made a parody of the anime Yume-iro Patissiere by changing 'Yume' into 'Sakura' so we have 'Sakura-iro Patissiere' which sounds like Sakura-iro Dreamer VN lol. Oh yes, for the patissiere part it's because Yuzuki's dream to be the great patissiere in order to be like her late father who is a pastry chef (Patissiere mean female pastry chef). As for this week, while we have a number of announcements and releases, I can only say those are quite small, with the biggest update to me is obviously in regard of Ginharu. Overall, this week is an average one and let's see what I can write in regard of it.

Sekai has several updates, with the most prominent one is they delayed Usonatsu release because they need to finishing its QA work in which currently is at 30% done. Other than Usonatsu delay, we also have both of Animal Trail (The FD and 2nd game) are apparently just starting the QA work and Nie no Hakoniwa is at halfway edited. Speaking of Nie no Hakoniwa, apparently this VN is bigger than what the illustrator (Sayori) usually work, although whether it'll be true or not we'll see. Frontwing finally have the release date for Ginka, and said date will be on October 26th later. Cherry Kiss is about to release yet another nukige with married women working on cafe to help their husband pay the debt, and they'll release it on 22nd later.

Succulent decided to localize two of their own VN, and from what I see the company specialty is short 18+ Otome VN. The first VN is Tsuki no Onna, Kawa no Tenshi, Kami Meku Toki (Or Tsuki no Onna for short) with the story is the female MC met a handsome serial killer and have the romance (By the way the MC breast is very big so much that it can rival the heroine in Milk Factory). The second is Hime no Rakuen with the MC being dominant against the two heroes, or in other word it's otome VN with femdom which is very rare. Both are still not have the release date, so let's just wait and see.

We have two releases from fan translation. The first one is yet another small VN from Shinzou Translation with the translated title is The Saddest Smile in the World that has the premise a pachinko addict encounter a girl in the part who want some sweets, and some times after that both started to know each other. For the second release it's Shiina Mahou no Himitsu or in English it should be Shiima Mahou Secret. The premise of the VN goes like we have the MC who live in a rent apartment with the titular Shiina Mahou as the landlady, and one day the MC find out her deepest secret. Namely that she's a doujin author who specialized in drawing erotic manga, which of course embarrassed her very much. Of course, the MC didn't really mad at her work but instead he support Mahou's secret job, and from there both of the MC and Mahou will do a lot of sex in the name of material research.

For the rest of fan translation updates, we have Tsuma Netori is at 55% edited, ChuSingura is at 31.54% translated, past three quarter of Fate/Extra CCC (2035 out of 2499 script files) are edited, and Akagoei FD is at 53.51% translated. Last but not the least, Yuzuki's route of Ginharu finally saw QA progress (Or in their word 'under QA'), which mean that at least we already have it fully edited, so at least this should be the last step before finally we have Yuzuki's patch released. Realistically speaking we may have it released in 2024, although I hope that Daybreak can release Yuzuki's patch around Christmas just like Mizuha's patch. Speaking of Mizuha's route, Daybreak already released the update for Mizuha's patch so you can download the update if you didn't like the rough experience of reading her route.

That's all for what I can say in regard of this week, and see you next week.

Edited by littleshogun


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