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Knock Knock -Happy End- Review



Welcome to this week VNTS Review and sorry for being very late here. For this week, since we have Uchi no Koibito sudden release with the premise resemble horror movie Knock Knock (The man was live together with two girls, although in Knock Knock the girls raped the man and then ruined his life) and Tamayura Mirai release from the last week with mod Clephas mentioned that it resemble Monobeno, I'd make a parody of Monobeno updated version, Monobeno -Happy End-, by changing 'Monobeno' into 'Knock Knock', so we have 'Knock Knock -Happy End-' as the title. As for this week, we have a bunch of announcements and releases, although unfortunately none of those are quite interesting to me. If anything else, at least Mangagamer announcements have good graphic, and so to me this week is more or less an average one. Let's see what I can write in regard of this week here.

There's a new fan translation group (Shinzou Translations) that translate several short VNs, with two of those are Fukyou no Hana and Hikage no Himari. I can only say that good for the group if they manage to working on their favorite VNs, even with the VNs are the short one. We also have Dei Gratia full translation patch release, and yes by Dei Gratia I mean the VN that Lemnisca was decided to scrapped the localization plan after their KS with the base goal 57,000 dollars failed (The link to the patch). The premise is still the in regard of several people were trapped inside a closed room like in Ever17 (Which make sense considering Dei Gratia here is some sort of Ever17 tribute), and said closed room is in the sinking submarine 700 meters below the surface with the unknown threat at the depth of the ocean. Go get the translation patch if you want to play this ever since Lemnica announced the KS plan for this, and have fun.

For this week fan translation updates, we have ChuSingura is at 24.72% translated with the translated lines passed 20,000 lines mark, Tsuma Netori is at 20% edited, H2O is at 60.2% edited, Senmomo is at 98.42% edited with side stories is at 94.47% edited, and Akagoei FD is at 40.23% edited along with 24.14% QA-ed. That's all for this week fan translation updates.

While this is not VN news, may as well mention that Nekonyan will release Lorena on 26th later. Speaking of release, we have both Aksys and Cherry Kiss released Koinegau and Oppai Samurai respectively. Koinegau here is about a female MC who live in Edo era can see the black thread that will be followed by a disaster and thus be shunned by the villagers, which of course eventually lead her to have a romance with one of six handsome heroes. Go get Koinegau if you want to play it and have Switch (Because it's only available on Switch). As for Oppai Samurai, once again it's about a very famous demon slayer who've been forced to have sex with nobody, and it also has interesting description courtesy of Cherry Kiss translator. Go get Oppai Samurai if you're interested with it, and have fun.

Shiravune announced they'll release another nukige from Appetitie with the localized title Queen of the Otaku, and they already have the exact release date for it in which it'll be on July 18th later. Other that announce the new title, Shiravune released Kuroinu Redux with them had all characters in silhouette on top of cutting the contents leaving the prologue alone in Steam version, which is understandable considering Valve can be very random when it come to ban even with the game that has less explicit contents. From what I hear apparently it has new contents, although in the end it's still redundant anyway. If anything else, at least people can purchase the whole Kuroinu in cheaper price seeing that Mangagamer release it in three parts with each parts price is at 25 dollars.

Sekai manage to be predictable by announced both of Animal Trail FD and Animal Trail 2 back in Anime Central, and at least the graphic for both are good seeing that Unless Terminalia (The VN from the same company) won the Best Graphic Award back in Getchu 2022. Oh yes, Sekai already had both are fully translated and edited with them currently wating the build for both. For the other updates, Sekai also has Imuto no Seiiki was in QA which mean they manage to get the engine, and lastly we have Amairo Chocolata 2 being approved by Valve with Sekai currently doing the testing for it.

Mangagamer announced two VNs, with the first one is the aforementioned Uchi no Koibito that Mangagamer was suddenly released on Anime Central. For the premise, this time instead of living with either his childhood friend or little sister, the MC live together with two girls who work at the cafe that the MC frequent because their home was burned down, and obviously it'll lead the MC to eventually have the romance with two girls with them occasionally do threesome. With this, now we have Uchi trilogy available in English, so go get the VN if you interested with it and have fun. The second one is Nightmare x Vampire in which it's possibly Mangagamer's secret project with the progress is fully translated and edited, and this time we have the vampire girl Rei who at first have rivalry with Setsuna (The first Nightmare series MC) before finally respect each other capabilities. Obviously, we'll going to have Rei got raped as per Nightmare series.

Mangagamer also has several updates with the most significant one is Sona-Nyl finally in testing, which if we know that it's been announced from all the way back in 2016 it mean that the wait for is is almost over. Speaking of testing, Mangagamer also mentioned that they almost ready to do the testing for Raillore. For the rest of the updates, we have Rance 03 is at 48% translated along with 29% edited, Rance X is at 56% translated along with 5% edited, Funbag Fantasy is past halfway (51%) translated along with 49% edited, and Eve of December is at 91% translated along with 8% edited.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

Edited by littleshogun


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